Pumpkins, Foxes, Twinkletoes and Trees…

Hi everyone. Do you like my pumpkins 🎃? I grew them myself. I know they’re supposed to be orange. I’ve now brought them into the house as apparently that will help them to turn orange. They are clean, warm and cosy next to the kitchen window for sunlight.

I was planning on making curry and soup from them. David has got excited about making a lantern out of the biggest one, so I guess that will be fun, and the scooped out flesh of that one will have to be soup. Two weeks until Halloween. Progress on orangeness will be reported here on The Waffle.

Yesterday morning I saw a gorgeous little fox in the field behind my house. As I looked out he/she leapt high off the ground above the long grass. He/she was so cute and full of beans!

Just afterwards David drove me to work and on the way I spotted a little boy in a fox cub outfit. He had a fox head motif on his top and the word “CUB” down his leg. Also very cute. What’s going on with the foxes appearing in my life? I think they’re supposed to be lucky. When I got home from work the little fox was sitting in the long grass with the horse in the field wandering around next to him. They appeared quite harmonious together. No sign of foxy today, although the grass looks wet from the rain overnight. Maybe he’s not keen on that.

On a completely different subject, this week I discovered shoe jewellery. I never knew this was a thing before. I’ve been invited to a dinner dance in December and started to think about my outfit for the same. I have wanted some sparkly party shoes for a while, but haven’t found any that I like. Then I discovered these sparkly shoe clips on eBay, £6.50 a pair. I’ve tried them out on a few pairs of my shoes. What do you think?! Twinkletoes?

These are my old work shoes below, now transformed with a bit of bling! I really like this idea as it fits with my capsule wardrobe ethos. Who needs a pair of shoes they only wear twice a year?

There are many different styles of these shoe clips. Why not check them out for yourself for your Christmas parties? They are really easy to clip on and remove and seem completely comfortable with the clip inside the shoe. I do love a bit of sparkle.

Back to nature this afternoon. David and I went for a walk in Windsor Great Park; one of our favourite walks. It was quite nice and quiet today.

Fabulous trees. I love this tulip tree.

Who lives here?

And some cows. Lots of cows today, and calves.

Have a GREAT weekend everybody. Thanks for reading TWW 😎XX

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

7 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Foxes, Twinkletoes and Trees…

      1. Some years ago, I would watch foxes through my window around 2am on a patch of spare land. I could only see their silhouettes because of the distance. But I enjoyed it all the same.
        I would have watched forever, but had to get back to bed with getting up early for work.
        I seen cubs too, at one point from observing. I would always look out if I was awake early around that time.

        Other times I have seen foxes closely are around 4.30am at my previous address and slightly later time, when going to work. They were not regular sightings though.

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      2. That’s nice Liz. I used to watch a fox with a bad limp when I had sprained my ankle earlier this year. I’m hoping it survived and this one may be one of its children. These foxes sadly will be gone if they go ahead with building 450 houses on this field.. we have done all we can to fight this development but I think it will probably go ahead ☹️

        Liked by 1 person

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