Trip to Cambridge, Cromer and Ely (Part 1)

Hi. I’m back! David and I have had a very enjoyable 5 nights away in the UK.

First stop was Cambridge for 1 night. We stayed in a B & B about 15 minutes’ walk from the centre of town. We were excited to be in Cambridge again as my clever niece is just starting Uni there to study Natural Sciences. We just missed her this time as she only arrived in Cambridge yesterday in the rain to move into her College.

We enjoyed wandering around Cambridge. It’s a beautiful historic place.

The entrance to my niece’s new home/student life!

Our dinner venue, The Ivy, Cambridge.

We had a good meal here. The decor was also very beautiful. I had the duck curry and David had the rabbit and langoustine pie.

Such beautiful architecture.

We drank in a couple of historic pubs, but I don’t think we found the best ones. Next time The Eagle and The Anchor I think. Overall we prefer the pubs in York, they are amazing olde worlde little places down every little alleyway.

So I wish Hazel all the best in her new life in beautiful Cambridge. After that we were on to Cromer on the Norfolk coast for 3 nights.

We stayed in a stylish, peaceful flat in the town centre of Cromer. Luckily we’d got enough petrol already in Windsor as the queues for the same in Cambridge area were horrendous.

It was our first time in Cromer which is a traditional Victorian seaside town. It is a bit old fashioned, very reasonably priced for food and drink compared to Windsor. The locals were friendly. They are famous for their Cromer crabs.

We tried crab Thermidor and crab Mornay. David is still raving about the Mornay….

We went to the variety show on the pier on our last night. It was a typical seaside show I think, although I’d never been to one before. There were acrobats, a magician, singing and dancing. The Mary Poppins songs were my favourite… Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

The theatre is right at the end of the pier.

The gorgeous British seaside… and not even raining until the day we left! I ❤️ beach huts.

Cromer seaside mountain goats…! I am not joking, I did not expect to see goats here. They are right next to the promenade overlooking the sea.

To be continued…. Cromer and last stop Ely on the barge hotel. Hope you found the tour so far entertaining! Xx 🙂🤩

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “Trip to Cambridge, Cromer and Ely (Part 1)

    1. That’s nice! I definitely wasn’t clever enough for that but I had 2 close friends studying there when I was Uni age. I visited a couple of times and even had a fake Cambridge student I.D which worked to get into parties! 😂I’ve dug it out but sadly don’t think it’ll work these days. Looking forward to visiting/ (embarrassing?) my niece at a later date.. will update on The Waffle in due course.


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