Are you really happy or just comfortable…?

Hi. I’ve been thinking about the concept of one’s comfort zone since I climbed up and over the O2 in London on Wednesday. This activity was slightly out of my comfort zone and I wouldn’t have wanted to try it without a friend by my side. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it wasn’t scary at all, just fun 🤩. I was pleasantly surprised that my ankle held up having sprained it badly in January when I fell down the stairs. It’s still not as good as the other side, my ankle I mean.

If you want to try this climb yourself, it costs £32. each and they give you a harness and shoes to wear. You leave your bags and stuff in a plastic crate which they lock away for you. You can take your phone for pictures only in a zipped up pocket so they give you a gilet to wear for this. It’s all very well organised and well worth it. If you don’t like heights, I reckon it’s much less scary than the cable car we did afterwards. That is really high up and you can see the drop down much more so than on the O2 climb. Still loved that too. That’s £5. one way you can pay with any contactless card. What a glorious day 😎.

One could say that many people have a narrowed comfort zone since Covid started. Since lockdowns they have got used to not going out, not talking to people, not experiencing new things. I love this quote “are you really happy or just comfortable?”.. Here’s another one: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

So how about you? Are you out and about again now like me since vaccination? Are you doing all your old activities again or are you trying new ones? If you are not trying new ones, why not???! I challenge you this week to at least try a new food you haven’t tasted before, or walk a slightly different way to work perhaps, mix it up a bit! It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut. I do love a routine, but hate a rut.

So Julie and I are now thinking about what to do next. Any ideas? You want something that challenges you a little bit, but that’s not so far out of your comfort zone you start freaking out about it. That would not be pleasurable. So far Julie has suggested indoor sky diving, although I’m not sure about that. I have thought of a life drawing class with a nude model.. ha ha.. nude stranger is definitely out of my comfort zone as is my drawing ability for people and their naked bits!! Also a graffiti workshop sounds quite cool. Give me a boiler suit and some spray paints and I’ll be off! Still thinking. Open to suggestions for the next challenge. I told Julie to write me a list of activities and I’ll tell her whether I would consider it yay or nay. Life begins after lockdowns.

Have you changed physically since the pandemic? Or do you feel like a new person in other ways? I have long hair now, after so many years of a bob. It’s a nice change. Like a lot of people I’m a little bit fatter now… not such a nice change! I do really enjoy eating and drinking as you know. Nothing to worry too much about. Worrying is overrated.

This is the sky of Windsor today, interesting…

We went out for a little walk earlier stopping off at Budgen’s for emergency ice cream supplies for tomorrow. Ocado are out of stock of ALL ice cream products including individual ice creams and lollies, frozen yoghurt and in fact ALL frozen desserts eg Apple strudel COMPLETELY. What is going on.. Covid? Brexit? Lorry driver shortages? It seems we may be short of wine choices and turkey/chicken at Christmas- oh la la!! I reckon I could be happy with a salmon or beef en croute, some sort of alcohol.. whatever is available. There’s enough to keep us going for a long time in the Waffle cocktail cabinet… and I’ll just have to start making my own ice cream if that’s going to be a permanent thing. Right, that’s me sorted. No stress. Back soon my happy Wafflers 😊❤️.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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