Autumn capsule wardrobe all sorted… and now it’s summer!! 😎🥵🌞🌻

So my colleague Tina was right when she said “Isn’t 1 Sept too early to start your autumn capsule wardrobe, Gail? It might be really hot at the beginning of September?” ….. “No, I’ll just keep out a couple of short sleeved tops and it’ll be fine”.

Well my dear readers, it is not fine, we are now having 4 unexpected days of very warm weather. So it turns out I’m back rummaging through my underbed storage unable to find the items I’d want in an ideal world, because I’m not getting ALL that stuff out again! But I’ve found enough lighter clothes for a few days, so that’s sorted. I actually don’t regret doing the autumn capsule already because I know it’s all ready and I’m happy with it.

Capsule wardrobing has changed my life. I now like and wear EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. And I mean EVERYTHING. I used to call mine a failed capsule wardrobe as you’re supposed to have about 38 items and mine is often 60-70 items each season including coats and shoes! But I’ve found this large curated capsule works really well for me and I’m still calling it a successful capsule as I have a proper colour scheme where pretty much everything goes with everything else, I shop mindfully and intentionally now, I have a fraction of the amount of stuff I used to and everything is so much easier. So there!!

For those of you completely uninterested in my wardrobe choices, I’ll move on.

The first sunflower is out now. I think it was waiting for the sun. Gorgeous!

Yesterday I made a rhubarb cake with home grown rhubarb. I still love this cake. The recipe is here.

I often like like to serve this with plain yoghurt or crème fraîche but I didn’t have any yesterday so I used strawberry yoghurt. This was too overpowering, I will not be doing this again.

Also a friend of the sun, my tomatoes have finally gone red and I had the first one yesterday. Delicioso!

This is the colour of the sky today. In my arty wall shot. This is the wall of Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne. The walls are very high. It is a high security psychiatric hospital, the oldest high security psychiatric hospital in England. David and I walked next to it for a while as part of a short walk in Crowthorne before visiting my mother in law at her flat for tea.

It’s a bit of a random Waffle today. I’ll blame it on the heat! I’ll just show you a few pics from recent local walks and love you and leave you. Have a great week! 😊Xx

Under the weeping willow tree. Feels like magic…

Are these hips or hoares? Does anyone know?

The River Thames at Laleham. More of this next time.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

8 thoughts on “Autumn capsule wardrobe all sorted… and now it’s summer!! 😎🥵🌞🌻

  1. Lovely late summer you are having over there! We are about to head in to spring here in the south. Wardrobe woes! I have pared mine down so that ALL seasons can fit in my small wardrobe all year round. OK, I don’t always look all that put together, but these days I don’t need the ‘what to wear today’ stress 🤣

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