More Chelsea Physic Garden…

Hi. As promised I’m back with the rest of the Chelsea Physic Garden pics..

They have a male and a female ginkgo tree, one either side of the path. Who knew that ginkgoes are either male or female… ? I didn’t. Now don’t ask me which this one below is!? It’s gorgeous whichever it is. I ❤️ ginkgo trees.

There were a lot of plants producing fruit… firstly robust apples..

A lemon tree.. I’m surprised it’s warm enough for lemons (+ ghostly looking lady in blue in the background!)

Extremely juicy looking blackberries in an arch. I was tempted to gobble one up but resisted the urge. I had just eaten all the strawberries in the Eton mess.

And then we came across this ancient trough of garden waste. Do you think it’s really this old….? 1670?? A quick google search shows me that it probably is as a photography society in the 1970s went to visit a 300 year old leaden water tank in Chelsea Physic Garden. Amazing. I wonder who the maker WW was? He obviously wanted to be remembered, placing his initials prominently to last the test of time. The gardens themselves were established in 1673.

So pretty! These are one of Sarah’s favourites. Japanese anemones.

So I think that concludes the photo tour of the Chelsea Physic Garden. I hope you folks enjoyed it as much as I did, and let’s hope they keep up the good work of maintaining this amazing garden. I’ll be back, hopefully in the Spring. Old wheelbarrow (probably not 300 years old!) ready and waiting for use.

P.S. I’m off to make a Cassis Spritz cocktail now… exciting stuff. It looks like a Kir Royale but more interesting.. more on that and other very important food matters next time 😊 Xx

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