Brimstone moth and other important matters

Hello world. This lovely Brimstone moth visited our house recently. It was on the floor downstairs, then upstairs on a window ledge and then on the stairs’ carpet for a couple of days. We were careful not to step on him and I called him “Mr Brimstone” which hopefully he found quite respectful! He has now gone, without a goodbye I might add. A few weeks ago we had a MASSIVE dark brown patterned moth in the house. It was very pretty and I first spotted it sitting in the middle of our downstairs’ bathroom mirror. We were not so amused when it flew into the kitchen at night and set off our burglar alarm thus waking us up with a fright!

It’s been a busy week for me so far.. work, sleep, work, sleep, yoga, work, book club, cooking dinner, sleep, work etc..

Highlight on the cooking front so far this week was this fish risotto I made on Monday night, but then again last night’s chicken stew was really good too. Tonight we’re having turkey enchiladas. If you want to join in and make these too, the recipe is here. I know they’re good as I’ve made them before 😋.

I took a few pictures around the block on my walk just now. This one below is an interesting display.. It reminded me of my blog friend at The Rambling Sloth as she has a camper van… a bit bigger than this one (unless she is actually very small!).

Pretty flowers.

A little gnome!

Ummmm… Christmas reindeer?

Holly on the same theme..

Nice foliage and well shaped bushes, well it is Windsor, you know!

Interesting little car.

Ominous sky.

The same walk ten minutes earlier..that’s more like it. What a wonderful sky! Waffle over and out Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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