Miscellaneous Waffle from Windsor

Hi all. Usually I can think of a theme or topic for the blog post, but today I’m all out, so you’re going to get some miscellaneous updates from my little corner of the universe.

Aren’t the flowers above lovely? I was very happy to receive these at work recently. How did they know I like sunflowers? Such a sunny, vibrant selection. It’s nice to be appreciated. I have sunflowers growing in The Waffle plot again this year, no flowers as yet, but coming soon.. watch this space!

One young lady we’re all appreciating at the moment is my niece Hazel. What a clever clogs, she got 4 x A*s in her A levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and further Maths (can we really be related?!). This means she has secured her place at Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences. Her Instagram post sums up her excitement.

I do hope she will have an epic future!! I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. She didn’t accept her place for a while as she was busy working.. as many of you know she also runs her own jewellery company (as well as having a couple of other part time jobs!) and makes lots of beautiful things. She was running a local jewellery workshop teaching people how to make rings the day of the results (yes she is only 18)…

She has an Etsy shop and also Instagram. I think it’s slightly cheaper if you buy via Instagram. Honestly there is no stopping her! I now often buy gift vouchers from her for my friends’ birthdays as she has so many beautiful things to choose from and jewellery is such a personal choice. I don’t have my ears pierced so am especially rubbish at choosing earrings for others.

So that’s all the good news. The bad news is the infection numbers are going up again in Windsor and all the surrounding areas.. not good.

I think the government need to clarify the isolation rules for fully vaccinated people from Monday ie 16 August. You will no longer have to isolate if “pinged” by the app if doubly vaccinated, but what about if someone in your household is actually sick with Covid? Surely you should still be isolating then? My colleague’s fully vaccinated daughter was ill with Covid recently. My colleague was lucky and never tested positive herself, but I was still grateful she stayed at home for 10 days, just in case. I feel I would still do the same, if David tested positive, heaven forbid, regardless of what the silly government say.

The agapanthus is looking stunning. Love it!

On the food front, I’ve just polished off the last of the grapefruit drizzle cake. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Such a shame (not!) that David didn’t like the sound of it. All the more for me. I had a big piece every day for a week, now I must restrain myself a bit!! Emily, how did yours turn out?

It’s the lovely time of year when friends are swapping home grown veg from their gardens. David took 2 parcels of rhubarb from me to his band friends today (Tina, don’t worry, I still have enough left for you tomorrow!). It’s been growing like crazy with all this rain. The weather’s quite pleasant at the moment I think. I would prefer the evenings to be a little bit warmer so we could dine al fresco every evening, but other than that, I’m not complaining. The temperature seems to be consistently reaching about 22 degrees C in the afternoon, which is quite nice and not too hot for working in an office with no A/C.

One of David’s band friends gave us some gorgeous green beans from his allotment.. we have gobbled them all up. Lovely beans, not stringy at all. Next time I will show you what I made with this giant courgette!

That’s it for now. Stay happy and healthy, thanks for your attention! Xx 🙂

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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