I have a new washing up bowl!

Good evening, morning etc wherever you may be. I bring exciting news…….I have a posh new washing up bowl and I love it! The full details of it are here. It’s expensive, but I didn’t pay quite this much, as if you sign up to the elephant box newsletter you can get a small discount. It is stainless steel so it looks much tidier than our old plastic one, you can put it in the dishwasher, it will last a very long time saving purchase of future plastic and the planet, and as a bonus it has a little picture of an elephant 🐘 on it! What’s not to love?! David also likes it but thinks it might become very scratched. Time will tell. So far it is pristine and new, and the baby elephant seems very happy in his new home. Coincidentally I also own a denim shirt from another company which I like all the more as it has a tiny embroidered elephant on one cuff. You can’t go wrong with an elephant motif it seems 🐘🐘🐘🐘😊😊.

So how are you all doing? Had a good weekend hopefully. The theatre on Friday night was very good indeed, we really enjoyed it. We saw Hamlet at The Theatre Royal in Windsor. It was a full house, great atmosphere, and we all gave them a standing ovation at the end. Ian McKellen was absolutely amazing, 82 years old, very sprightly and a fantastic actor. David had never seen a Shakespeare play before. He was grateful that I’d googled the plot beforehand as the olde English language can be a bit hard to follow. I’m sure there were a few sub plots going on that passed us by, but overall we got the gist of it and were gripped.

So we’re already talking about getting tickets for The Cherry Orchard which is coming up in October with the same cast… Ian McKellen, Jenny Seagrove etc. I am a little bit apprehensive about what the virus will be doing by then and whether we will have had our booster jabs by then. The auditorium felt relatively safe, about half the audience including us wearing masks. Personally I would have preferred compulsory mask wearing for all. The bar area was quite dodgy in that was very crowded and airless with many maskless people pushing past you. I felt a bit nervous in the bar area, but not so much as I wouldn’t go back there next time. After a glass or two of overpriced Sauvignon blanc in a plastic beaker one doesn’t feel quite so worried about such things 😂😂.

Chicken is roasting in the oven 😋. I love roast chicken with all the trimmings on a Sunday night. Sort of feels like Christmas. We had a super delicious meal last night at Gurkha Royale, Nepalese restaurant near to us. They were really busy but kept us constantly topped up with drinks and poppadoms. The food was gorgeous as usual and the staff extremely lovely and attentive. This place really knows how to give good customer service. Unlike at Windsor Boots Opticians on Saturday afternoon who gave me a very poor service.. well no service at all actually as they’d cancelled my appointment without telling me due to the optician self isolating, apparently. It was also cancelled a month ago due to the optician being ill….. They then started to tell me that I wasn’t due an eye test anyway…. as it seems their records are incorrect and I had written proof of the same…. I know, “Should’ve gone to Specsavers!” Next time I will! I’m not farting about with Boots Opticians any longer. They are on The Waffle naughty step along with Timpsons outside Tesco’s. Timpsons outside Waitrose is fine by the way.

So I think that’s enough Waffling for today. I’ll leave you with some tree pics from Windsor Great Park (what else?!). Have a good week! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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