Today’s walk at Dorney Wetlands by the Jubilee River

Hi. David and I usually just call this walk “the birds” as there are some bird hides along the walk and usually lots of birds to see. Today we saw a few Canada geese, one cormorant, one grebe, we heard some chirping from an unknown species in the rushes, but didn’t spot as many birds as usual. We did, however, see lots of dragonflies and butterflies, far too fast for me to photograph!

We started the walk quite near The Pineapple pub in Dorney. We didn’t visit the pub on this occasion. It’s usually very popular on a Sunday. Here are some of the pics of the day.

Pretty bells.

I don’t know what this plant below is called. I want to say sorrel???

It’s hard to see anything from the bird hides except overgrown vegetation the other side.

Nice teasels.

Canada geese enjoying the water.

We saw a mink once next to the water near this spot. Not today.

We enjoyed the walk, it stayed dry and was quite hot and sunny at times. We met some dog walkers and cyclists. Luckily not too many big scary dogs.

After that we drove home via Dorney Common and Eton, back home for tea and cake. David had eaten all the rest of the nice Connie the Caterpillar cakes last night while I was sleeping… naughty David! So today we were left with some stale chocolate cupcakes ☹️. I was not amused.

Just waiting for Waitrose to deliver our shopping now as when I booked it I couldn’t get an Ocado slot. I think Ocado are still struggling a bit since they recently had a fire in one of their warehouses.

On tonight’s menu is roast gammon with homemade cheese sauce, homegrown potatoes I need to go out in the garden and dig up in a minute, probably broccoli, followed by Pots & Co chocolate mousses for dessert. 😋. Have a good week! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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