The “C” word (not Covid)… and maybe a little bit of moaning from a middle aged woman..

Hi. I am quite cross my friends. I walked up to Timpson’s to get my new watch battery just now. The shop closes at 4.00 pm on Sunday, supposedly, and I arrived at 3.05 pm. The bloke (who was busy hoovering his very small portacabin) was rude and refused to serve me as he preferred hoovering and said I was “too late in the day”. He agreed with me that they close at 4.00 pm and still had nearly an hour to hoover and cash up, but still wouldn’t budge on this, nor did he apologise! “Seriously?!!” I said before storming off in a strop. It’s not like I went in at 3.50 pm. What a ****.

On other matters of annoyance, I am being bombarded by restaurants using the “C” word… by this I mean Christmas…. in July??? Unbelievable. I know times have been tough and everyone needs to recoup their losses post pandemic, but unless I’m missing something we are still very much in the middle of the pandemic. We can just about plan a week ahead, but even that is tricky. I am now the last man (woman) standing in my office as all others are in isolation. How can we possibly plan Christmas?! I’m definitely not up for that, just trying to have a bit of summer now thank you very much!

Here are the offenders so far..

Go away!!! Here is the evidence from our area the pandemic is very much still on and the only “C” word we should be worrying about right now is COVID.

Below are the cases in Windsor over the last 7 days. At one stage this figure was down to 7, yes I did say 7! Today it is 636 and by tomorrow I predict 650+.

My parents live in Richmond, even worse for them, although the % increase is not quite as high as our area. We have tended to follow London throughout this pandemic. These figures do not even include what has happened after the ridiculously named “freedom day” of 19 July.

Right, enough moaning! I’ll show you a few pics from yesterday in Windsor Great Park and try to get over myself.

A Scottish thistle in Windsor?! Whatever next? This one’s for my friend at The Rambling Sloth blog.

And a close up.

There were some nice greylag geese. What are they all looking at? They reminded me of Meerkats!

Atmospheric tree.

Wild orchid? No, I think probably not, probably vetch?

A cow/bull lurking behind a fence next to the pond.

Tree stump with pretty little yellow flowers.

Sweet chestnut I think.


Another tree (obviously! 😂).

Feeling a bit calmer now and off to drink tea and eat cake. David has just finished up teaching a free trial guitar lesson in the garden. Keep safe everybody. We might talk about the Olympics next time Xxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “The “C” word (not Covid)… and maybe a little bit of moaning from a middle aged woman..

  1. Wow thank you for the thistles!! They are beauties!! I think you have every right to have a wee moan. First I would try complaining to Timpsons… that is shocking and second the Christmas stuff is just ridiculous…. Covid is taking over everything just now . Up here too. This freedom stuff is a total joke. I always feel better after writing it down tho. Hope you do too!! Xx

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    1. Yes I have emailed Timpsons customer service saying they should amend their published opening hours to 3.00 pm on Sunday as you don’t get any service after that!! Indeed writing and blogging is very therapeutic. I knew you’d like the thistles! X


  2. Timpson’s should have just closed their shop if they could not be arsed and appreciate a customer. Especially after over this past year. You arrived plenty in time, so yeah, I would be annoyed too.

    Christmas! I totally agree on that too. Way too early. Thankfully, I have not seen anything advertise Christmas early, otherwise I would have walked out.

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