The Savill Garden (again!) third time this year

Firstly I’d like to say I really ❤️ my aircon. So lovely. Cool. Refreshing. I’m lying on the bed after a beautiful stroll around The Savill Garden today.

It was hot at The Savill Garden, but quite shady along many of the paths. I seem to be going back to this place every month at the moment with my 241 Garden ticket. It’s really interesting to see how it changes from month to month. This time it was all about hydrangeas and dahlias. But many other beauties besides. Gorgeous!

The Visitor centre. I like the shape of the building. This is where you get your cappuccino and scones! And other stuff besides.

A plane tree. These are very good at absorbing pollution apparently. They are planted all along The Embankment in London.

More lovely, lovely trees. I did some tree hugging, of course.

This tree was like a redwood and had sap coming out of it. I told my friend it might be like maple syrup, but she wasn’t keen to try it…🤔

I think this was an oak.

Amazing wisteria had sort of plaited itself. No sign of Tarzan in the jungle. There was a beautiful sort of hot, sultry foliage smell.






I have so many more photos… honestly I could be here all night! So instead I’ll just choose you a few more, and relax! 😎

Loving the red tips on these leaves.

A scene for Monet?

I think I might go and live in this little hut.

I’ve had a wonderful day. I feel very lucky. A slightly sunburnt shoulder as I put the factor 50 on too late. Other than that, I’m happy and relaxed and looking forward to cooking lamb stew tonight. Too hot for lamb stew? Maybe. But with some new potatoes with fresh mint, should be good 😋 Xx

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5 thoughts on “The Savill Garden (again!) third time this year

  1. I love those photos.🥰 I have gone from where I had a favourite at the beginning of the post, to then when I progressed on, I had more. So I couldn’t pick just one favourite out of this post now. I love many.
    As another commenter said, ‘stunning.’

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