It’s hot 🥵!

So we wanted some more summery weather in Windsor, but now it’s here, it’s too hot! It’s over 30 degrees C and humid. I’ve had a migraine and generally feel a bit exhausted with it all.

Last night was very pleasant as per the picture above. We had dinner sitting outside at Gogos Waterfront restaurant at Windsor marina, next to the racecourse. It was a beautiful evening to watch the sun setting. The colours of the sky changed very gradually. Lovely to watch.

Here’s one of the big boats there. Not mine, obviously…!

The waitress told us she felt lucky to work in such a beautiful spot, like the Mediterranean.. (sometimes!).

It was busy but not unbearably so.

As for next week, the government are mad!!! What on Earth is going on with “freedom day”, more like “suicide day”. There are going to be hundreds more people dying from Covid. Most people seem to think this opening up, throw your mask away, go clubbing and pretend the pandemic is over now policy is bonkers! I will miss the table service in bars. I will miss the spaced out tables, the personal space, the protection and peace of mind we give each other with our mask wearing. I am very apprehensive about what happens next, especially as there are now doubly vaccinated people getting poorly with Covid. The new health secretary for one, my friend’s husband for another..

Boris and Rishi Sunak are now going to isolate, after their ridiculous very brief idea that the rules didn’t apply to them. What a joke! This government goes from bad to worse. Half the country will soon be pinged to self isolate through their silly app that doesn’t work properly at this rate. So much pressure on businesses, the health service, all of us.

OMG politics on The Waffle. This does not usually occur. Things must be bad!

On the plus side we had a delicious roast chicken dinner in the garden tonight. With some potatoes harvested from The Waffle plot. They were so yummy but small, I think they need another couple of weeks in the ground really, to grow a bit bigger. We also had carrots, broccoli, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. For pudding was sticky toffee pudding (not made by me) and vanilla ice cream 😋.

It’s time for bath and bed now. I shouldn’t grumble as we have wonderful A/C in our bedroom unlike most houses in the UK. Sleeping in a fridge. Bliss!!

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “It’s hot 🥵!

  1. Yes, certainly hot. My fan has been on for last few days in living room and I keep my bedroom cool enough by not opening the curtains at all.

    I don’t usually do politics either, but my reflection of that certainly shows more politics on Twitter because of how they have handled badly over this past year.
    I am taking all this week off Twitter because I have been so sick if hearing ‘freedom day.’ There is nothing free about it. My life doesn’t change due to mum being in a care home. My mum still doesn’t have freedom. (Not that my mum realises she don’t.) I am still timed and can only see her 1 day a week, Min to Fri. So no, its not freedom day.
    I expect my Christmas the rest if us will all be in lockdown again, with no freedom.

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    1. I’m sure we are heading for another lockdown, as you say. I hate this pretending it’s all fine. Sorry about your Mum. These timed visits don’t affect me personally, not having any relatives in a care home at the moment, but I know others who are finding this really hard. Good idea to have a break from Twitter. I probably should stop looking at the news so much as it really annoys me! x

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      1. With not being on Twitter means I will avoid the news too, as I don’t have a tv.
        I was downstairs with my friend in their flat and he was asking if I was avoiding the news, before filling me in. I said I was with not being on Twitter, but go on, tell me. I probably know already. He proceeded and I yeah, I heard it already and I filled him in on more than he knew. X

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  2. Hold the bus…. You have aircon in your bedroom?!?!?! I mean wow!!!! Re politics I am the same and cannot believe how ridiculous they are being. It’s so scary to talk about freedom day. Your photos were stunning!! Xx

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    1. Yes indeed we have aircon in the bedroom and David’s study. Best thing we ever did. We’ve had it for a few years. ❤️it! Only problem is you get used to the cool and then the heat when you open the bedroom door in the morning is unbearable! 😂


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