Smoky sausage chilli (and tennis)

This was last night’s dinner. Very yummy. You’ll have to bear with me as I am simultaneously blogging and watching Roger Federer. I ❤️Roger Federer. He’s amazing. The Polish guy who’s playing him, Hurkacz, is looking pretty good too.

Anyway, back to the sausage chilli. It had black beans in it, and basically tasted like a smoky chilli you’d usually use minced beef for but with thick slices of pork sausage in it instead. The recipe was from the latest BBC Good Food Magazine. I served it with some M & S ready made parmentier potatoes and grated emmental cheese on the top. The potatoes were quite nice, not that spectacular. The chilli was gorgeous.

Yum yum yum. I could just eat another plateful of it now.

“Let’s go Roger, let’s go!” Tie break time in the second set. Exciting stuff.

The day before we had a gorgeous coconut curry with salmon, sweet potatoes and noodles. Another Good Food Magazine recipe. Delicious.

Tonight I’m keeping it simple with a ready made quiche, new potatoes and green beans.

Oh Roger just slipped and missed the point… disaster!

I’ve had quite a lazy day today. I had a lie in, David brought me a cup of tea in bed (lovely!), pottered about at home this morning and did some ironing.

Oh no! Set point. C’mon Roger!

Oops. Roger is 2 sets down. As Andrew Castle says, the other guy “definitely deserves a banana” which he’s now having…

He’s had 5 bananas lined up on his chair. When I play tennis with my friend Moya next week, I think I might line up a row of bananas, just to freak her out a bit! I haven’t played tennis in 20 years or so… Moya is having lessons… Mmmmm… this will be interesting. There are lots of fragile plastic bits and rubber fragments dropping off my racquet. I have bought new balls though, look…!

I like the Wimbledon design on the tin, most inspiring. And 4 good quality balls for £8.45 on Amazon I thought was pretty reasonable.

Nice shot Roger!! Still in danger though…

Wow Roger! Amazing.

Clap clap 👏 advantage Federer….

Deuce…. boring…

Oh No, Fedders has been broken… 2 sets to 0, 2 games to 0.

You know the other day I was talking about affordable luxury, a little treat that gives you a boost? For me that was 12 o’clock midday today in The Swan having half a pint of Rebublika lager while my friend Debs had a coffee. Decadence! I never have a drink at midday.. unless it’s Christmas Day or I’m at Wimbledon in person! I did cycle to the pub so was quite thirsty on arrival…

Well, I only had half a pint and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Debs had her coffee and a sweet muffin. Then we went for a little walk by the River Thames and looked at some ducks and swans.

Oh no, Roger is really losing now. He needs my undivided attention and support so I’m off now.

Back soon my Wafflers Xx 😊 enjoy the football.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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