I ❤️ Wimbledon 🎾🍓🍹😎

Hi. Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Wimbledon to see the tennis. I went with my friend Julie. We had a really great day and stayed there for 10 hours!!! The time flew by. I really love Wimbledon and have been many many times, mostly with my sister.

After quite a lot of to-do I had managed to buy 2 tickets for Court no.12. These were a bargain price of £30. each. Amazing!

We had some very good matches on our court. This was the line up.

I loved cheering on Gael Monfils and seeing him win his match. I am also Gail!! “C’mon Gael!”. He said “Let’s Go!” as he got all fired up, which now seems to be a standard phrase a lot of the players use.

Azarenka was so amazingly determined. She had a lot of energy. I am sad for her that she went out today, but the girl who beat her deserved it and was very sweet.

Then we had Liam Broady on court. Great to have a Brit to support. Sadly he didn’t win, but we really enjoyed the atmosphere and watching him play and he did himself proud. He was playing Schwartzman who is short but very nippy with lots of drop shots just over the net. He is Argentinian and said “Vamos!” a lot instead of “Let’s Go!”

After that we went to Henman Hill to watch Andy Murray on the big screen. What a legend! Love the atmosphere when there’s some Murray Magic shots going on. Andy fell down and was clutching his groin in agony. Then the other guy (Otte from Germany) fell down. The whole hill roared when Otte went down.. not good taste but we were all so behind Andy and it seemed to work as he won the battle. Yippee!

We had a Pimm’s to lubricate the throat for cheering!

Earlier in the day we managed to fit in a visit to the shop to buy some souvenirs. I got my lovely mug.

And it came in this stylish bag!

I’m going to sneak in a little picture of Julie (left) and me (right). Shhhh, Julie wasn’t keen to feature on The Waffle but this is such a nice picture in front of the flowers, I can’t resist!

Another highlight was being shouted at by security to clear the path and realising that Marin Cilic was right behind me, I mean right behind me, half an inch away. He was dripping in sweat having just won his match on Court no.18. A bead of his sweat nearly dropped on me, I was quite overcome!! 😂😂 Then I looked to my left and there was Tsonga heading off into the players’ building. He’s a nice player, good to see him too.

I’ll show you a few more pics while I recover from the excitement. Great to see Federer play so well on TV today. Sometimes it’s even better on TV when you get some great commentary. Wimbledon = proud to be British!

I got some commentary yesterday on the free Amex radio they gave out to Amex cardholders. I could hear the show courts’ commentary while I was on Court 12. My Mum, the ex PE teacher, who loves watching multiple sports simultaneously would be proud!!

The one and only Andy Murray.

I am so in awe of the umpires… their levels of intense concentration for hours on end is astounding! I couldn’t do that job. I’m sure I’d blink and miss a bit!

Diego Schwartzman.

Honestly, I could go on about Wimbledon forever but I’ll shut up now. “Let’s Go!!” 🎾🍓😊😎❤️🍹xxx

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