Affordable Luxury

Hi. Do you like my new little wine/cocktail shelf for the bath? Quite decadent methinks. I tried it out last night with my wine glass slotted in and my little bowl of crisps. I was not brave enough to try putting a phone/kindle in the designated slot for this. I’m not one for reading in the bath anyway (love reading, but I’m a lying on the bed kind of reader!).

This is the wine I was drinking by the way. I bought it one Christmas mainly because my nephew’s name is Arthur! It is lovely, not too sweet as some Rieslings can be. It usually costs £10.99 from Ocado but is often on special offer.

I like the kind of things you can buy, that are relatively cheap like this, but make you feel treated and luxurious. I bought the bath table from Amazon recently. It came as a plain piece of wood with a few slots, very roughly finished, complete with splinters, for £12.99.

It started off looking very unfinished. I kind of was expecting this as I’d read the reviews. I was going to just paint it roughly with some white paint, but after me not getting round to this for a couple of weeks, David asked if he could do it, and David being David it turned into a highly professional masterpiece! Firstly he sanded it a couple of times, then he sealed it a couple of times with some sort of varnish sealant. This was a really good idea as I did get a couple of splashes of water on it yesterday which quickly slid off.

Then he bought some white spray paint from the model shop. I think this was pretty expensive, and probably unnecessary to go this posh, but it does look really nice. He did a few coats, my perfectionist husband!

I was initially inspired by a lady on her Amazon review of this who had used black paint and it looked fab. She used the little tea light holder slots too for her candles. I might try this some time in mine.

Sometimes it doesn’t cost much to add a little luxury into your life. I remember my friend Sarah upgrading herself to first class train travel for work trips within the UK. On Virgin trains she got a full cooked breakfast served at her seat, which she really enjoyed.

How about you? Are there any little upgrades you have found that don’t cost much more but feel luxurious?

When I go to Wimbledon tennis next week I’m planning on visiting the shop. Most of the clothes etc in the shop are ridiculously expensive, but I think I will treat myself to a Wimbledon mug, as the designs look great this year, and they are quite a reasonable price of £10. (and I can also get 20% off with my American Express card as they are a Wimbledon sponsor this year). Wimbledon mugs for Christmas everyone?!

I think this one is probably my favourite, with the strawberries.

So I hope you are managing to squeeze in a few treats for yourself too. COVID-19 and its variants looks like it’s going to be with us for a long time yet, and we need to brace ourselves for whatever’s to come in the autumn.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our chicken and mushroom risotto from Good Food magazine we made on Thursday night. David was sous chef helping with chopping mushrooms and weighing things (extremely accurately of course!). It was the best meal of the week. 😋

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