Hydrangeas and Delphiniums

Hello everyone. The hydrangeas are doing very well in our front garden border now. Complete with mushrooms that keep growing next to them, for some reason. We have 2 x white hydrangeas and 1 x blue hydrangea. I think they’ll look really good in a couple of years when they completely fill this space.

Here is one of the white ones.

They’ve already filled out a lot. The photo below was about a week ago.. compared to above which is today.

Today we bought a couple of new delphiniums for the back border, where we had a bit of space that needed some colour. They are a gorgeous purpley blue colour and were £7.50 each from the Braywick Heath Nurseries near Maidenhead that we have recently discovered. They’re looking a little bedraggled here as I’d just watered them in.

So I think they’re going to be lovely and we’ll enjoy watching them grow.

In other news after much ado I have managed to score some Wimbledon tickets hip hip hooray! So happy 😀. I ❤️Wimbledon and have been many many times. More about Wimbledon in a separate blog post to come I think …… 🍓🎾😎.

On the food front, there’s been a little bit of cooking this week. Of note were the goats cheese and caramelised red onion tarts. We’ve had these many times. David likes to help me with cooking the onions and he’s really good at that bit.

We also enjoyed scallops with black pudding and potato wedges. This was really quick to make, especially as the potato wedges came out of a packet from M & S 😂.

Tonight we’re going out for steak, so looking forward to that 😋. And tomorrow will be roast chicken.

Keep safe and well. I’m off to do the ironing now. Have a nice day/weekend 😊 Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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