Highlights of London: Part 2

So to continue on from last time, we enjoyed some bits of our stay in London but not the awful service and lack of adequate Covid measures in the hotel. There is a really big shortage of hospitality staff at the moment in the UK so lots of staff are new and untrained, some of them simply unsuited for the job. Anyway, after us both getting all grumpy about such matters, the weekend was saved by a fantastic meal in Borough Market on Saturday night.

The restaurant specialises in fish and is called Applebee’s. We hadn’t been there before. It wasn’t cheap especially as we chose the seafood platter, the most expensive item on the menu (£120. yikes!) but the service here was great and the ambience and food excellent.

David started off with the oysters. I’m not a big fan of raw oysters as I find them a bit slimy, but David was very happy. He said the dip was very good.

I would have had the crab croquettes but they had run out, so I opted for the sashimi instead.. tuna and salmon.. it was gorgeous.

After that we moved onto the main event.. the seafood platter… yum..

Scallops, prawns and lobster. It was all cooked in a sort of sauce. It was delicious. We swapped the chips it comes with for new potatoes. We gobbled all this up too, and polished off a bottle of white wine. I think it may have been a South African Chenin Blanc, it was very nice too.

Too full for dessert!

We really liked the atmosphere in Borough Market and visited a bar there for another drink afterwards. We would love to go back and try some of the other restaurants there. Maybe as a day trip, as we’ve had enough of hotels for a while!

A few other pics from the weekend..this is an arty shot under London Bridge.

Replica of The Golden Hind.

Big Ben covered in scaffolding. And the Houses of Parliament.

Tower Bridge seems to look so tiny these days, with The Shard.

The Tate Modern. (Can’t look at this any more without thinking about the poor boy who was pushed off the balcony).

Somerset House.

The millennium bridge with St Paul’s.

Just behind St Paul’s.

So that’s all folks. We’ve had humble fish cakes and petits pois in the garden tonight. Dreaming of another visit to Applebee’s. Hope you are all well. Special mention today to my colleague Tina who has many skills including making a lovely cup of tea. She appeared on the blog last week in the anonymous “lunch with friends”! Hi to Moya too and anyone else who knows me in person…(right that’ll keep them all happy for now!😂) XX

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