One day holiday in Windsor

Hi everyone. Look at this blue sky! Windsor is marvellous today.

I’ve had the day off work. There has been cycling, swimming, coffee and catching some rays of the sun, photo taking, browsing in the shops, lunch with friends and relaxing at home.

Here are some pics from my stunning home town today.

I like Zizzi but we didn’t go there today. We went to the Best Meze Grill in St Leonard’s Road. I had a falafel wrap with chips 😋.

We also didn’t go to Côte but I’m hoping to go there again soon. Amazing river frontage.

David and I have tickets to Hamlet later in the summer.

Here’s another advert for it! In The Royal Station. Windsor has 2 train stations.. The Royal Station for trains to Slough with connections to London Paddington, Reading and the West Country, and Windsor and Eton Riverside which is the slow but scenic train to London Waterloo.

The Christopher Wren Hotel.

The gorgeous castle.

The bridge between Windsor and Eton.

The majestic River Thames.

I had birthday lunch on this boat below once. I don’t think it’s running at the moment. I remember it cruised up the river at an extremely leisurely pace and a swan overtook us 😂😂. The food and service were good.

Well that’s it for now. It’s too hot to blog!!! And I have to go and cook the mexican meatballs before I run out of energy. I may have to cool off in the A/C in our bedroom after that. Love the sunshine but I also ❤️our A/C especially just before sleeping 💤 . Bye for today blog friends X

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “One day holiday in Windsor

    1. Yes such lovely holiday weather today 😎. We have A/C in our bedroom and upstairs study. Marvellous. Highly recommended for us soft Southerners in the Thames Valley which gets very humid! X 😊


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