Walk around Braywick etc

Hi everyone. It’s been a funny week. I’ve worked really hard and feel like I haven’t slept much and it’s catching up with me. And relax! 😊it’s the weekend.

Today we went to Stubbings garden centre (near Maidenhead) for lunch. This was the first time we’ve been there since lockdown. It’s a nice café with beautiful outside space. They have a slightly strange arrangement of going in with mask on, then mask off when you find your table outside, back in to order with mask on, back out to sit down with mask off! I really wish they’d just do table service outside. David had a sausage sandwich and I had a jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn. The food was tasty and it was pretty quiet and gorgeous weather.

Looks like some exotic holiday destination with the brollies above!

On the way out we were pleased to see that the hydrangeas were more expensive (£24+ each) than we paid at The Savill Garden (£17. each) so we were right to buy them when we did. I was also pleased to find our blue flowering plant there so I could check its name. It’s a Ceanothus. Sounds like some sort of Roman Emperor. I guess it is Latin after all.

We then decided to do an impromptu walk at Braywick (between Maidenhead town centre and Windsor).

Firstly we checked out the sexy new sports centre. The building is very impressive. It’s very big with lots of high ceilings and wood going on.

There are a lot of facilities for sport here.. squash courts, badminton, studios for spinning, yoga etc, a pool for adults and for kids, outside football pitch, rugby, running track etc etc.

The fields around are much bigger than I expected and we walked around those looking at wild flowers etc. A lovely, sunny day.

It wasn’t very crowded with people apart from an enthusiastic rugby game on the far side. Where is everyone? Away for half term at the seaside??

We also checked out Braywick Heath Nurseries. For some reason unknown to us we’ve never been here before. They have some healthy looking plants and they employ disabled people. It would be good to support them. We plan to buy plants there next time we need some. We saw some gorgeous digitalis and daisies.

So I hope you enjoyed today’s Braywick tour and have a splendid evening/morning or whatever wherever you are. We will be wining and dining as per usual as it’s Saturday night and rude not to! Bye for now Xxx 😎❤️

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “Walk around Braywick etc

  1. Looks lovely there and certainly looks like you are somewhere continental with the brollies and nice weather.

    Some nice architecture in that building. I would be memorised looking at that.

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