It’s reely good!

Hi. Do you like our new hose reel? It’s reely good 🤣. We bought this with some Amazon vouchers we’ve had for ages. It has replaced our old hose reel. Here is the before picture:

Luckily David is good at DIY, as I am not, and he put the new one on the wall today. I provided moral support, read out the instructions, passed the correct drill bits, kneeler cushion and glass of water, followed by tea and cake afterwards. I have watered the veg patch with the new hose, it worked well and it winds itself back in afterwards. They come in all different lengths, we went for the 20m one. So far so good.

This morning for hours I wrestled with an enormous amount of clothes from my storage, trying to put together my summer capsule. OMG it was quite overwhelming the volume of clothes I still have, and all the decisions I had to make. I ended up taking 4 bags of clothes to the fire station and hospice clothes bins. Well done me. But I have also created myself a massive ironing pile ☹️. This is still a work in progress….watch this space.

Do you accumulate too many clothes? Has anything helped you to change your habits? Since reading many websites and useful blogs on the subject, I now shop much more intentionally than I used to. I only buy a new item of clothing if it is on my need/want list for some time and I always strive to buy an item of quality that will last. There are no impulse buys, no bargains just because it’s in the sale, and no keeping clothes just because they were expensive and I feel I ought to. Altogether I am much happier with my clothes and even though I have fewer items I feel like I have more to wear as they tend to go together more. I haven’t mastered it yet, and I guess the important thing to learn is that my wardrobe and all my purchasing decisions will never be perfect and it doesn’t really matter. Accept where you’re at I think is the thing.

I’m pleased to report that for once the bank holiday weekend weather is being kind to us Brits. In Windsor anyway. Glorious sunshine this afternoon and 20 degrees C. Lovely.

Here are a few pics I took this afternoon on our local walk.

The rock rose is out now in our garden.

The duck curry was really good the other night.. We had ridiculously large portions, no wonder some of my summer clothes are too tight…

We also enjoyed the tuna and mushroom pasta.. It was a happy week in that I had time and energy to cook at least 3 lovely meals from scratch.

There will be a lot more wining and dining this weekend. We started off last night with beers at The Swan, delicious cold lager called Republika from the Windsor & Eton brewery 😋. More yummy things to follow.

P.S. Cheers to Emily the birthday girl today, it’s a BIG birthday!! Shhhhhhh! Enjoy! 🥂

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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