May tour of The Waffle garden

Hi guys. While I’m waiting for my garden photos to download, let’s talk about food, for a change!

A couple of nights ago I made this chicken laksa. Highly recommended.

I got the recipe from the Good Housekeeping Express cookbook, which is one of my favourite cookbooks. I think I used a bit more chicken and a bit less “soup” than the recipe. It was really delicious. Thai red curry and coconut flavours. Yum yum yum. Now I am making myself hungry again as I’ve just been swimming at the pool. 26 lengths today. Yay 😀 so happy. I’ve had coffee and a chocolate digestive. Still peckish. Time to put the oven on for the ready made macaroni cheese lunch 😋.

On tonight’s menu is duck curry from the DK Slow Cook Book, another of my favourite books. Each recipe has the traditional oven method as well as the slow cooker method listed. Usually I prefer to do the slow cooker one as it’s lovely to serve a home cooked dinner in the evening that you made in the morning, so long ago it’s almost as if someone else made it for you 😊. Today I had a long lie in so I didn’t get round to putting it in the slow cooker, so it’ll be the traditional method cooked in the oven for 2 hours later. Gosh I do waffle on, are you still with me?!?

So let’s see if the garden pics are ready now… firstly Wow Wow Wow the peony is out. How stunning is this?

Also the poor little camellia that is mainly frost damaged has 3 lovely flowers, sheltering underneath the other foliage. This poor plant was not happy with our cold spring this year. Last year it was in glorious bloom on 1 March. This year 26 May and it’s only just out. What a difference a year makes. Most of it looks like this ☹️.

But some of it looks like this. I love the delicate pale pink colour and the bright pink flecks on it.. just gorgeous!

The leaves are super glossy and shiny too, looks like I polished them!

There are some other little purple flowers that look fabulous in close up, look at the delicate crimped edges…

The ferns are out – magnificent!

Ferns make me think of dinosaurs wandering about, apparently ferns are even older than dinosaurs. Get your head around that one. No dinosaurs in my garden today, but there were lots of bees on the plant they’re always on whose name I do not know!

This is another plant I do not know the name of. We call it “the plant with the really nice orange flowers”!

We bought these plants a few years ago and are pleased they are filling out lots of spaces in our borders. We do not like to see soil, just plants nestled amongst plants nestled amongst plants….

To be continued… I have lots more to show you but at this moment in time I like food more than plants, photos or blogging!! Macaroni cheese time. Back soon Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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