The poppies are back

I love these orange poppies in our garden. I think they’re weeds, but we’re keeping them. The bees seem to like them too.

So how are you all? We’re fine. Life seems to be getting back to a bit of our pre Covid days. We are both doubly vaccinated (me through my job), so as safe as we can be from the dreaded virus. Today we visited my mother in law in Crowthorne and sat inside her flat without masks for tea and cakes. She seemed really pleased we are now allowed in.

Before tea David and I had lunch in a café in Crowthorne High Street (smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel/prawn sandwich) and had a little walk around the block near the church. The wind was cold! What horrible May weather we’ve had.

This is Crowthorne church. We’ve been inside it a couple of times over the years for the flower festival.

This is a yew tree next to the church David was admiring. I agreed it has an attractive trunk! It’s probably quite old.

Last night we went properly out in Windsor. We got an Uber too, the first time in over a year. All worked out well, we felt safe and had a great evening.

We started off at The Old Court arts centre for a beer. We love the Republika lager from Windsor and Eton brewery.

Then we went to The Windsor Grill for a meal. It didn’t disappoint. We had delicious food and drinks and great service. The best steak in Windsor, in my opinion.

We both started off with the turkey and cranberry scotch egg which was very tasty (but very filling), followed by a fillet steak each, chunky chips for me and new potatoes for David. I had mushroom sauce and David had blue cheese sauce. David had numerous side dishes – he went for it – melted onions, blackened prawns AND garlic mushrooms! I had some of the mushrooms. He was defeated by the melted onions. For pudding I was too full so had a coffee.

Plus I did have a couple of spoonfuls of David’s chocolate dessert which was very yummy… trio of chocolate ice cream, mousse and brownie.

After that I told the waitress that my only complaint was that they should have a separate room for you to lie down in afterwards until you felt a little less full! They didn’t, so we paid the bill and staggered along to The Trooper pub for a final drink for the road. Uber came within a few minutes of our request, great service, and for some reason they are giving me a 30% promotion on all my journeys at the moment but this doesn’t come up on David’s app. They obviously prefer my custom haha!

For tonight we have duck roasting in the oven. Before then I need to do some ironing and ring my Mum. David will be doing his cross training exercise in the garage. He does this every day, usually twice a day. He loves doing his cross trainer while watching TV and it keeps him pretty fit without impact on his back. We have to do something to compensate for all our decadent wining and dining…

So that’s it for now. Back soon with more Waffle 😊❤️.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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