Pretty stuff in Windsor

Hi. There’s a lot of pretty stuff going on in Windsor at the moment. The weather has been quite disappointing for May, but the signs of beautiful Spring are all around. Don’t you just love this purple?

Here are some more that caught my eye recently…

At The Savill Garden a couple of weeks ago.. interesting colour combo on the tulips.

This tree is absolutely amazing, never seen anything like it. It’s in the front garden of a house in Frances Road, Windsor.

The owners helpfully provided some information about their tree for curious passers by such as myself! Apparently it’s a Kowhai from New Zealand.

The following is a bit more random, spotted in shop windows etc, but interesting nonetheless..

This is outside the Thai massage place, she’s so cute!

Outside the Baptist Church.

Lots of gold stuff going on. This one in a shop window..what do you think he’s going to carry in this big gold bowl??

And this one..very serene.

This urn is ENORMOUS!! I love it. But it would be sooooooooo heavy.

This is outside East Berkshire College, some of the students’ work. (Sorry about the weird building reflections going on).

So us Windsor residents are wanting more of this sunshine and less of the old damp miserable weather. It is due to take a turn for the worse over the next couple of days… lots of rain and strong winds on their way and the Met Office advising us to tie down our garden furniture. Just in time for David’s band playing in a marquee outside on Friday..🤔. We have very light weight garden chairs at home…. so I reckon I’ll be putting those in the shed tomorrow after work.

For now I’m off to make lamb stew from the Highclere Castle cookbook. I’m actually in need of a little nap although I’ve had a relaxing day.. maybe when the lamb is doing it’s thing in the oven in half an hour. Provided the resident guitarist is not tooooooo noisy that is.

Stay safe.. or as they say in Superdry these days, “Stay Super”! Bye for now xxxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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