Another walk in the rain..

Hi. How are you all? For no particular reason I’ve come over a bit tired this afternoon, so I’ll keep this brief. I still have ironing to do and roast chicken to cook.

We are not just fair weather walkers, we walk in the rain too, as we did this afternoon at Windsor Home Park. We got wet feet and jeans, but no lasting damage! It was quite refreshing and it was nice and quiet out as the rain kept the crowds away.

Last night we enjoyed an Indian takeaway from our local Binoy restaurant; lots of yummy food. We started off with homemade rhubarb cocktails. The first time in a year that I’d made these. This is the only way David will ever consume any rhubarb. They were sweet and delicious. The layer on the top that looks like custard is made from Advocaat and lemonade whisked together. This is the photo from last year, I made bigger portions than this this time! I love these delicate martini glasses. They are from Villeroy and Boch and I bought them from the Wembley outlet store with my friend Pat a couple of years ago. Cheers!

Fish kebabs (cod) with Nigel Slater’s Moroccan marinade (chermoula) were very tasty the other day. Before grilling:


Also good were the turkey meatballs from “A Girl called Jack”. David polished off the leftovers cold the next day.

This is the latest news from The Waffle garden, lovely bright yellow.

The pots next to this have all been dug up the last 2 days or nights by a naughty visitor ? Squirrel. I am not amused. They broke some of my sunflower seedings and unearthed some bulbs I planted. I think I’d better venture out there now to try to find something to cover the pots with to scupper Mr ?Squirrel’s plans. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated!

Have a good week everybody. 😊

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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