I hope you like pink?!

Hi everyone. Yesterday we visited The Savill Garden which is about 20 minutes drive from us in Windsor. It is part of The Crown Estate. Usually it costs £13.50 per person including parking, but we used the 241 Gardeners’ World ticket I got recently with Gardeners’ World magazine so £13.50 total for us both. The magazine cost me £6.99 so I’m quids in already.. with another 359 gardens left to visit over the next year.

We were slightly concerned that the garden would be overrun with people on a bank holiday weekend, but actually it was fine. We stopped at the terrace café outside the Visitor Centre to start with and both opted for burger and chips and Diet Coke. It was tasty although my burger was not very warm, the chips were delicious. It was quite chilly sitting on the terrace out of the sun. After that we got our tickets from the ticket desk using the e-mail reference from my online booking, and set off for a very pleasant stroll around the gardens.

We really enjoyed our walk and saw some stunningly beautiful plants including azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias. There were many colours, but a predominance of vibrant pink coming up…

So pink. So gorgeous. We felt really uplifted after seeing the really big displays of colour. We would like to go back again in the summer to see how the gardens look then.

I took many other pictures, but for now I thought I’d just show you the show-stopping pretty pink ones. On the way out we ended up at their plant shop and bought 3 x hydrangea plants for our front border. Guess what? They’re not pink ha ha, we selected 2 white and 1 blue hydrangea, the plants look really healthy and we planted them in this morning. Pics to follow when they flower, which I think will actually be quite soon as they have some little signs of flowers already.. can’t wait! Have a relaxing evening my Waffle friends Xx 😎🍹

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

One thought on “I hope you like pink?!

  1. Wow those pinks are stunning. The flowers are beautiful. We have nothing like that up here yet. Only the dandelions are out in force just now. We are still having overnight frost! Look forward to seeing how the hydrangeas get on. Love the blue! Xx

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