Leftover Easter eggs?!?

There was a link on the BBC news website to a recipe for rocky road made with your leftover Easter eggs. Leftover Easter eggs?! What a ridiculous suggestion. We may not have finished these beauties yet together with some other chocolate treats ongoing in our house, but I’m confident that we will. It will be more of a case of “boo hoo no more Easter eggs” than “what shall we do with these annoying leftovers?!” The thought of it!

How are you doing? I admit I was pleasantly surprised how nice the Easter weekend turned out to be for me. I approached it with a sense of apprehension about yet another period of time at home with not much planned to do. But it turned out to be both relaxing and enjoyable and I got to see a few people (outside of course) other than my darling husband, which made a change too! I’m sure he felt the same.

The weather now has turned soooooo cold in Windsor. Yesterday we had on and off snow flurries. Today I had a job to do in the garden for 30 minutes. After 10 minutes my hands were so cold they hurt and my fingers wouldn’t work properly. It was horrible! David went to outside practice with his band about 4 hours ago.. he will come home blue! I googled patio heaters the other day. It seems they are not all out of stock but they cost around £250. so I don’t think we’ll be buying one of those. Fingers crossed the weather will warm up a bit next week for al fresco pub dining, of which I plan to do A LOT, albeit probably with thermals on underneath. The camellia in my garden is still in bud, too scared to come out. This is the same camellia that featured in full glorious bloom on The Waffle on 1 March 2020.

I am busy making plans now to go out and socialise and visit pubs and restaurants outside locally as we can from next week. I absolutely cannot wait. No more Zoom! I know there are many who do not share my enthusiasm, who have got used to the home based life we were enforced into and now feel uncomfortable giving it up. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ready to go to an airport, on a holiday abroad, to go to a crowded theatre or to jostle cheek by jowl amongst complete strangers in a bar. I don’t really fancy doing that one ever again! But a bit of socially distant, Covid safe dining outside, with some food brought to me prepared by another human being, a different view, some alternative conversation, chewing the fat of life’s issues, big or small, now that I’m up for.

On a completely different subject…..here’s last night’s dinner, as I promised my friend Pat she’d see this on The Waffle. I made chicken thighs baked in turmeric and coconut milk (BBC Good Food magazine) and they were very tasty.

After marinating the chicken thighs, you cook the spinach and sliced onion in a bit of the coconut milk. As you can see my coconut milk was a bit lumpy out of the tin, but it didn’t matter.

The marinated chicken then nestled on the top and got baked. Et voilà.

It looks a bit greasy in the picture above, but it wasn’t really. I served it with new potatoes with the skins still on.

We really enjoyed this dinner. And for pudding was… Easter egg of course! We had the last two chicken thighs from this dish heated in the microwave for lunch today with some leftover new potatoes sliced into thick chunks and fried, with a fried egg on top 😋.

On the menu tonight is butternut squash, sage and bacon pasta from the Good Housekeeping Express cookbook. We’ve had this before and it’s easy to make and tastes good.

As my friend Debs once said, I could call this blog “What’s Gail having for dinner?”, but I do like to Waffle on about other stuff as well! Spreading the love… I took some good ❤️ pics for you this week (always looking for love)…Ciao! Xx

Ok, so this one below is a bit dubious, but it’s a tired, imperfectly beautiful heart having a little lie down..

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