When is an Easter egg not an Easter egg?

Hi guys. I do hope this blog post is going to look OK. Behind the scenes WordPress seem to change things on a daily basis and the technical process of writing the blog is different every time. It’s getting pretty frustrating. Aaaaaarrrgggghhh!

Well, what was I saying? Oh yes, about Easter eggs. It seems that they are no longer called Easter eggs, by some of the bigger confectioners, even though they are still, in my humble opinion, EASTER EGGS!! You can check out an example of packaging without the word Easter or egg on it here.

Apparently this makes it easier for big companies to market their products overseas in non Christian countries. Well, I am not a religious person at all but for me I celebrate Easter as a festival of family, Spring and chocolate eggs. I like my overpriced, oval shaped, hollow chocolate shell bought in a ridiculously large cardboard package at this time of year to be called an Easter egg. I also like hot cross buns, but I like them so much I eat them all year round 😋😋😋.

This year I’ve gone all in for Easter, more time at home I guess, and I’ve sent a few Easter cards and even made my own Easter tree. This is made up of some hand collected twigs of Windsor and some beautiful eggs hand painted by some ladies in Romania from when I visited there many years ago on a business trip. Do you like my “tree”?

The little bell on it is a souvenir from Slovenia where we visited on holiday once, and the baby wooden clogs are from Holland, of course. I’ve probably had these since childhood as my Dad worked in Holland for a while and we lived there for a few months when I was eight years old.

I’m not planning on doing that much Easter cooking, but we will be having lamb shanks as our Sunday roast. We have some Lindt Easter eggs (the best!) in the cupboard which say egg on them but not Easter. I am already tucking into the hot cross buns.

These ones are nice, but personally I think my favourites are the Waitrose richly fruited hot cross buns. I tried some M & S Bramley Apple ones but quite frankly they were so moist they felt a bit too doughy, like the bread hadn’t been cooked properly. I thought about trying the chocolate ones but something about chocolate hot cross buns doesn’t sit right with me, they should be fruity and a bit spicy in a fruity way but not chocolate don’t you think? Feel free to disagree. Have you tried the chocolate ones? Goodness knows what bizarre flavour Heston Blumenthal’s come up with? Probably petrol or something!

On the subject of the nonsense that is political correctness, one can only breathe a sigh of relief that Bournemouth Council in the end decided not to continue with the idea of making everyone gender neutral and replacing Mr and Mrs with Mx!! Whatever next?

Enjoy your oval shaped confectionery treats… sorry, I mean Easter eggs! Xx 😉😋😊🐰🐣

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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