A lazy Saturday blog with lots of blossom

Hello. I’m really blossoming now 😂😂.

It’s been quite a lazy day for me today. This afternoon we went around the block for a quick walk before tea. There is blossom EVERYWHERE my friends. Don’t ask me what sort any of it is, I think some of it is hawthorn.

Through the fence at Windsor marina.

How much more prettiness can one get in suburbia? Pink and white loveliness all around.

I spent the morning receiving food orders. Firstly a big weekly shop from Ocado, lots of lovely goodies and ingredients for recipes. And then a treat order for tonight’s dinner from Côte at home. We are having this luxury seafood box.

This looks really good, if you like seafood as we do.

We have yummy looking big prawns, garlic aioli dip, scallops which need cooking briefly in garlic butter provided, and their shells for serving, lobster halves to grill, and ready prepared crab, 2 half baguettes to heat in the oven and also butter and lemons. Full details are here. It cost £75. including delivery which isn’t cheap, but good, fresh seafood never is. I also added a side order of roasted new potatoes and 2 chocolate mousses as their mousses are really good and you get a generous portion. We’ve had the mousses before but not the seafood box.

For now I’m under pressure to start making margaritas… I had a complaint I haven’t made these for far too long. I do make a really good margarita. This is the recipe I use. Cheers! 😋🍹Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “A lazy Saturday blog with lots of blossom

  1. Your last post made me pay even more attention to blossoming trees. Everywhere I turn, I can see some! Magnolias, cherry tress, some shrubs and many plants I don’t know names for! White, yellow, pink… you name it! Enjoy your delicious looking meal! 🤤

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  2. The blossom is so pretty!!!! We have none up here. I’m loving this contrast as we live in the same country we are just a good few weeks behind in the season. Dinner looked fab, hope you enjoyed it lovely xx

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    1. Yes I’ve never followed the seasons so closely before, and it’s interesting the differences between North and South. Dinner was really good but so much, can’t believe it was supposed to be for 2 people, could have easily served 4 with a bit of extra bread! X


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