A very muddy walk around Holyport

This, honestly, was one of the easiest paths this afternoon. It got really muddy after this. We were clinging on to branches at the sides of the path with brambles clawing at our jackets whilst trying to avoid getting sucked into the vortex of thick, gloopy mud below. Phew! We made it.

For those of you who are not local, Holyport is a very picturesque Berkshire village a few miles from Windsor, towards Maidenhead. It has a couple of nice pubs, a village green, some very big, expensive properties and a real tennis court dating back to 1899. It’s a pretty place and it was pleasant to go for a walk there for a change this afternoon. Here are some pics of the day.

The village pond.

The Belgian Arms pub. I like this pub and they used to do a very good steak. It got a bit too dog friendly for me in recent years at times, and some of the clientele (inebriated young ladies) got a bit too loud at times…

The George pub below, which apparently goes back a long, long way. This is what I’d call a proper English pub. The terrace outside to the left is great to sit and have lunch on a sunny day. Of course it’s all closed up at the moment.

Views of the green.

Sorry about the lack of sunshine. At least it wasn’t raining until the last few minutes of the walk, just a little.

Amazing daffodils.

A good sturdy tree, looks a bit like a redwood.

Another good tree.

Lamp in the ivy.

There are some interesting doors and gateways to the big properties.

My blogger friend at The Rambling Sloth is going to love these gates I reckon…😉

If you want to buy one of these gated dwellings, you’ll need a few million. David and I had a heated discussion about one that’s for sale, whether it was just the enormous barn or the house and barn for sale. It is both, as I suspected. I told David he could have the barn for his band and other hobbies and I’d have the lovely Georgian house, but he’d have to pop over to do the housework for me! David was most enthusiastic about the stumbling distance from the green with the two nice pubs. I think the road’s too noisy. Anyway, it’s £2.7 million my friends! You can check it out here. I could definitely see myself in that swimming pool… beautiful garden…

Enough of my dreaming! We have roast chicken tonight, one that you cook in the bag from M &S so it keeps very moist. David has told me several times how much he’s looking forward to it, including just after we’d eaten a takeaway Italian dinner feast last night! Stay safe, back soon Xxx.

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

8 thoughts on “A very muddy walk around Holyport

  1. Love Holyport! You captured the Spring really well and the beautiful buildings even though they are out of my league it is nice to look! Soon be able to have a nice meal and beer outside just keep that thought in mind!

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  2. Oh wow I love those gates!! There is nothing as fancy as that up here. And the carpet of daffodils….. and I’m gutted to see my dream house is now under offer….. such a shame. 🤣🤣 £2.7m WOW. I’ve worked hard all my life and could never dream of having that kind of money! So glad you sent me this as I’d missed it! Xx

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