Quick rainy Wednesday blog

Hi, this was our project for the morning. We’ve got new grass seed on this patch of our front lawn, and David noticed that the greedy pigeons were out gobbling it all up. So we went to the garden centre (Oak Tree garden centre near Winkfield) and bought some netting and bamboo poles, to make something to try to fend off the annoying birds. So far it is working. Not a fat pigeon in sight.

It’s not been a brilliant day. There’s the constant echo of building work down the road where they demolish our beloved old garden centre to build a new Aldi supermarket. I am not very impressed. Our house sat between two lovely garden centres, both with good cafés for lunch, and they’ve both now gone thanks to our local Council. There is now no longer a garden centre in Windsor at all. It is very sad.

It’s been miserable and rainy all day. My new skirt arrived via Amazon and I didn’t like it at all, really unflattering, so that’s got to go back. And I discovered the shop I bought it from doesn’t give free returns, so that’s even more tedious…

Yesterday was such a gorgeous sunny day. I went for a lovely coffee chat outside with a friend. This was the view of a gorgeous tree and blue sky between the office buildings.

Today all I saw were some daffodils that seemed to be shivering in the rain.

It’s time for tea and cake now to cheer myself up! Tomorrow is another day. Let’s hope for better weather and vibes then. And hopefully no fat pigeons gobbling up the grass seed. Bye for now Xx.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

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