Sunset behind my favourite tree

Greetings Wafflers. How are you all doing? I’m managing to hold it all together and am having a relaxing weekend so far.

This morning David was teaching a Zoom guitar lesson, so I decided to go on a little “coffee walk” as my sister described it.

I walked, bought a takeaway cappuccino from Costa and then walked along drinking it, as you’re not allowed to sit down and drink it.. until next week when you are allowed to, and then you are even allowed to join a friend in doing so. Are you keeping up with the rules? As of next week the schools go back, so I’m not looking forward to more traffic on the roads. This sign outside our local primary school just about sums it all up.

Our local Council has been busy spending money on these signs outside every school in the borough..

No idling. Just carry on walking with your coffee. Stopping to take photos is not really exercise is it? Oops I broke the rules a teeny bit.

There’s some pretty blossom out now.

I noticed yesterday looking through some pics from last year, that Spring is a bit later in Windsor this year compared to last. This photo from 1 March 2020 shows our camellia already out in all its beauty. It featured in one of my first ever blog posts…and is still one of my favourite photos ever posted on The Waffle.

Contrast this with early March this year, the camellia is still firmly in bud.

The rhubarb is also behind in its growth, compared to last year. This was early March 2020.

Compared to 2021.

So I thought that was quite interesting. Spring doesn’t feel later, but it is according to the trusty Waffle archive. Have you noticed any difference this year?

On tonight’s menu at home for two, we have sparkling wine cocktails with nibbles to start. There is a choice of Kir Royale, a fizzy brandy and bitters type drink, or one I haven’t made before with Disaronno, orange juice and sparkling wine, sounds good!

Photo by Sabel Blanco on

The whole meal is from Budgen’s I bought today. We have “Cook” meatballs to share, followed by “Cook” boeuf bourguignon with new potatoes and a side order of “Cook” macaroni cheese. For dessert there will be Wall’s Viennetta, the normal one. There will definitely be wine. Maybe red eg Merlot or Malbec to go with the beef. I hope you also have something delicious on your menu tonight. Keep smiling. Back soon Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Sunset behind my favourite tree

  1. Wow that blossom tree is stunning. Your spring is so much further along than ours, I only saw my first daffodil head yesterday. One tiny one. Those camellia are stunning! Coffee walk sounds good even though you broke some rules 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣😘 keep smiling lovely xx

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