My favourite daffodil, 36th February!

Hello folks. Let me start by explaining 36th February… well, actually, I have no explanation. David woke up on Friday morning and his bedside clock was like this…(excuse the blurry photo)..

Friday 36th February?! How weird is that? My clock meanwhile was 10 days’ behind showing 26th February. Oh well, panic over, the clock has now put itself right, and David and I both seem to be in the same reality… most of the time, anyway.

Spring is springing and I am walking again, with a little spring in my step. All the daffodils have come out in my garden, and this is my favourite one…

So gorgeous, don’t you think? I love it!

I’m pleased to get some good shots of daffodils. They are definitely harder to photograph than crocuses. Still photographing them too though! Wow!


Some dark violet ones have appeared too

We also still have snowdrops, going strong.

The camellia is looking glorious in bud.

Today we had a longish walk up to the top of St Leonard’s Hill and back. Here are some pics from Friday night, yesterday and today. Friday we had the most amazing full moon and cloud combo.

Nice tree reflections, it’s a hornbeam.

Can you see the two baby elephants here? One facing left, the other facing right?

Mini daffodils with orange trumpets.

I like these clouds. The big one I think looks like a whale with two little baby whales at the back.

Open space with tree shadows. Everyone looked happy to be out in the sunshine.

A few more daffs (not as good as mine though!).

Happiness is a big old tree in the blue, blue sky.

Because one tree is never enough..

Very posh house had a very rusty, interesting letter box. More letterboxes coming soon, I’m getting quite into them recently! (#lockdown boredom).

Well I hope you enjoyed reading The Waffle as much as I enjoyed writing it today. Last night we had takeaway sushi and sashimi from Ichiban. Delicious. A refreshing change. Tonight it’s roast chicken with all the trimmings. I may even do stuffing balls. Chocolate mousses for desert. Back soon my Waffle friends Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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