So whose round is it anyway?

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Hi there. I am getting very excited about coming out of lockdown. More specifically I am getting super excited about going to a pub garden for my birthday in April. I have taken the week off work, week beginning 12 April, and plan to visit a different pub or restaurant outside each day in Windsor if possible and weather depending. That’ll be 7 birthday lunches for me! Last year was a big birthday for me… I should have been sunning myself in the Caribbean, cocktail in hand, snorkelling amongst the pretty fish, eating delicious food and relaxing my socks off. Instead I was at home in the first lockdown, just grateful that kind friends had managed to get me some cards and pressies when all the shops were shut. So this year I may go a little crazy. The pandemic does that to you.

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I know lockdowns are hard for us all. I am a very sociable person who likes going to the pub, which I’ve really missed. I used to go to the cinema once a week, pub every Friday and Saturday and restaurant every Saturday night, as well as the odd lunch and coffee out with friends too, trips into London on the train to visit museums, art galleries and theatre, not to mention monthly book club and going to the swimming pool and yoga classes. I realise now that there is a little sniff of freedom in the air, just how bored I have been, trying to keep busy at home. And on and off (especially recently) in a low mood at times. I’ve been really struggling to keep myself motivated at home. Keeping going at work with no holidays or proper weekend Friday feeling to look forward to has been tough.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am still terrified of this virus. We have consistently underestimated it and I do not think it is done with us yet, not nearly. Further mutations are pretty much guaranteed and I firmly suspect we will be in another national lockdown by the end of the summer. Tens of thousands more people are going to suffer and die. I do not know if this will include a friend or family member of mine, David or even me. Ever since my friend Angela died I look around thinking “who’s next?” like we used to do but in a fun way trying to predict which of our friends might get married next. My previous prediction of 7 lockdowns in total still stands. I made that prediction before we had a vaccine available, but I’ll stand by that. Lockdown no.4 will probably be by the end of the summer. I do hope I’m wrong.

Enough of the pandemic blues! I have much more important things to show you, like this daffodil in my garden….This morning it was still not open…but trying hard….

But in the (intermittent) sunshine this afternoon it decided to come out to play.. yippee!

I did a little daffodil worship dance around the kitchen and garden… David just raised one eyebrow. He was vaguely excited and said “oh yes, that’s nice” or something along those lines. “Nice?!” It’s absolutely spectacular! I have been looking at these buds FOR WEEKS… waiting… waiting ….waiting for Spring. Sooooooooooooo 😛 excited! Their friendly yellow faces are so welcome. And there are more to come soon.

I have some more good wall photos and even some letterboxes to show you my friends, but for today, it’s all about happiness, nature and Spring, so that’s what you’re getting.

Guess the no. of crocuses here…..

David was quite excited about these snowdrops, as he spotted them first on our walk in Windsor Home Park. So happy I can walk again on my ankle, so happy 😀.

I’ve decided crocuses, and in particular purple crocuses, are the most photogenic of the UK Spring flowers.

Pretty little yellow trumpets.

What a canopy!


I still really love trees. I think this is a plane tree. Lovely bark, lovely shape, great height and stature.

Clouds of Windsor.

That’s it for now. Prawn and lentil curry from Good Food magazine tonight… 6.5 weeks til pub garden time… can’t wait! 😋Xx

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