More pretty flowers, a couple of good trees and some walls!?!

Hello. There seem to be quite a lot of purple crocuses around at the moment. I am loving them all, with their cheery spring faces. These are my neighbours’ crocuses again, not mine.

This is one of my favourite local trees, it’s one of a pair of hornbeams. I love their structural shape.

And this is my all time favourite ash tree behind my house, in the twilight this evening. Gorgeous light.

Going back to the structural form of trees, I love the fact that they are so solid and strong yet so flexible in the wind. Regular Waffle readers will remember I also like looking at the shapes and structure of local architectural details from time to time. I like looking at the little bits you walk past every day, without ever really noticing them, pausing to take a look.

Well, the other day I started noticing walls. And then thinking about each wall (I know I’ve been a bit stressed recently, but keep with me on this…!). Each brick laid by hand by a person, some of them many, many years ago, building up the structure, each individual brick placed in an honest day’s work. I’m now looking at walls trying to imagine who built them and when.. were they young? old? experienced? Or was this their first wall? Strong or tired? Fat or thin? What were they wearing? How much did they earn from this work? Did they get a sense of satisfaction lining up the bricks and sticking them on? (I’m sure that’s not the correct term, “sticking”😂, but you know what I mean). How many did they do before lunch? Was it hot or cold? What did they have for lunch?! (always back to the food, me).

Anyway, without further ado….and before I trot along to the kitchen to cook sausages braised in white wine 😋… I’ll leave you with the walls of my pondering so that you can enjoy pondering them too…. or not?! … up to you my friends! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “More pretty flowers, a couple of good trees and some walls!?!

  1. How lovely those crocuses. I love the trees too so would be in awe of those.
    If you were having this conversation with me literally there, about the walls, I would probably go in a daydream of curiosity on some of them. Just wondering.

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