The first daffodils

I’m cheating a little bit here, as these are not my daffodils, mine are still in bud. But I was very excited to spot these on my little walk today outside one of my neighbours’ houses.

I also spotted some gorgeous snowdrops. I’m still very much into snowdrops.

When I got home I also had a little stroll in the garden to check out my favourite crocuses again. Loving the purple/yellow/green combination.

I’m currently on the sofa, feet up on a cushion on the coffee table, catching up with a bit of the Australian Open tennis. Our British guy Norrie is putting up a very good fight against the awesome Nadal. Go Norrie! 🇬🇧. Tennis is my favourite sport to watch, and the only one I watch regularly, other than the Olympics when they’re on. I’ve been to Wimbledon many times and Queen’s a couple of times. I love the battle of the minds, the intensity of the game mentally and physically, especially in the men’s singles, the modern day gladiators. I believe England have just beaten Italy in the rugby today, so well done to them too. I don’t usually follow rugby or football.

Tonight we’re staying in (of course!). No takeaway for us tonight. We are having a “Cook” ready meal of tomato and pesto chicken which I’ll stir through fusilli pasta, followed by an M & S jam sponge pudding which looks promising. We may have Kir Royales to start, as I’ve just bought a new bottle of cassis, but David seems to be on a sudden health drive trying to drink a little less, so we shall see.

I’ll leave you with a few photos from the other really sunny day you haven’t seen yet. Have a nice evening/day/afternoon wherever you are.. thanks for stopping by the Waffle 😊Xx

I love the way the light hits this leaf.. stunning! What a beautiful leaf.

The bird feeder – the seeds keep sprouting so I have to keep digging them out so the hungry birds can still access the seed. A few robins recently.

Arty farty reflections of my house in the puddle on the patio seating covers.

The patio seating looking a bit sad this time of year.

Errant pebbles..

Very cold veg patch/shivering rhubarb.

I wonder what I’ll grow in my pots on the wall this year… 🤔

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “The first daffodils

  1. Thanks for your post and lovely photos and good wishes. The heart shaped leaf seems appropriate for Valentine’s Weekend. Hope you enjoyed your meal this evening. xx

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