The rhubarb is coming!

I’ve just had a saunter around the estate, well more of a hobble, but I am walking a little better this afternoon. At last! I still don’t think I’ll be up to going out for a walk for a while. It’s so boring being injured.

Enough of my grumpiness! The garden is looking a little springlike in places and that is lovely. And pretty exciting. Look at all this rhubarb coming up.. that’s nearly enough for a rhubarb cake yippee!!

The purple crocuses are coming up in leaps and bounds now.. so pretty.

I didn’t know when I planted these that I was going to decide on my spring capsule wardrobe accent colours (get me!) being purple, green and orange this year. It’s going to be a jolly spring. I always feel that wearing bright colours lifts my mood. My capsule I intend to put together to start wearing on 1 March, and that should last me for 3 months until the end of May.

Don’t you just love the shape of snowdrops, their perfect little bells?

There are also a few cheerful little yellow flowers in the hedge. I do not know what they are called. A type of broom maybe?

This is usually the blue tits’ house, but no one has moved in yet.

There will be more yellow when the many daffodils bloom. They’re getting ready.

I think these are mini daffodils; narcissus.

And these will be gorgeous pale pink camellias.. you have to use your imagination at this stage, but the glossy green leaves are spectacular anyway.

Meanwhile, a little bit of cooking has recommenced in the Waffle household. On Monday we enjoyed this curry I made with the leftover roast pork.

I started by frying a chopped onion, added a tablespoon of curry powder (nearly finished the medium curry powder dated 2010 we unearthed during the Boxing Day Zoom scavenger hunt!), added cubed cold roast pork, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a little boiling water from the kettle, and in the last few minutes added some spinach. I served this with basmati rice and it was really tasty.😋

For tonight I’m making prawn/tomato/feta pasta which is a recipe I think I got about 20 years ago from BBC Good Food magazine. You start by frying a chopped onion, then add some dried chilli flakes and a tin of chopped tomatoes. Heat the tomato/onion mix for 5 minutes or so and towards the end add a packet of cooked prawns to heat through. Serve with pasta and feta cheese crumbled over the top. The saltiness of the feta goes really well with the prawns. It also looks and feels like you’ve cooked a proper dinner from scratch but it’s only taken you 10-15 minutes of minimal effort.

So how’s it going for those of you who own your own gardens? Anything interesting coming up? And what’s going on in your kitchens? Got your pinny on these days?! Do tell me 🙂Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “The rhubarb is coming!

  1. Lovely photos from your garden. The rhubarb looking good. Yum.

    Meals you have been cooking look appetising and comforting while we still have our cold spealls.

    Nothing too speacial going on in my kitchen, than chicken curry and brown rice today. Will have that again tomorrow.
    Had a chicken roast dinner yesterday. The ready made meal kind. They are lovely though and I wouldn’t have them if not. I just have on those days to limit being in the kitchen.
    Baking wise has gone a little slow. My last baking a week or two ago was an apple crumble.
    I’m thinking of doing apple again this week, but with a sponge topping.

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  2. We have nothing like the growth you have in your garden!!! Shows how much warmer your climate is all the way down there. Only snowdrops showing. Nothing else!! Glad you got out for a wander. You are allowed to be grumpy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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