I found these lovely snowdrops in my garden today. I managed to hobble over to them and bend down to take the photo, but found I can no longer crouch down with one ankle/leg out of action for the time being. It was nice to see lots of green shoots starting to come up in the garden.

And I found a gorgeous little purple crocus.

Yesterday I also decided to have a sit outside for 10-15 mins as even if I can’t walk I’m sure the fresh air will be beneficial. It’s too cold to sit out for longer than that. I feel like an OAP, going out for a sit, to watch other people more active than I am. This was the view yesterday. David set up my chair at the front of the house as it was actually raining and I could sit under the car port to keep dry.

All you really see at the front is cars going by. It’s better at the back as you can really hear the birds, and I have the lovely tree behind my garden. I feel much more connected to this tree than to the others. We had a good little telepathic conversation, me and the tree today! And then I came in for a cup of tea.

Hope you’re all keeping well. Off to call my parents now before I get too tired to cope with the conversation and the evening becomes a drama. Pork is roasting in the oven and beginning to smell good. Xx 😚

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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