Snow and ?sprained ankle

Hi everyone. We woke up to snow falling thickly in Windsor this morning. It was so exciting and pretty. My opposite neighbours always make a snowman when it snows and I enjoy watching them from my window. Their effort this year was their best yet I think. For ages they left it like this…

I was very tempted to go out with a carrot and some other bits to finish him off, but they came back after their snowball fight to decorate him. 

This is how our garden looked this morning..

 So beautiful. I love snow.

I dug out my furry lined snow boots from my underbed storage, looking forward to a walk in the snow this afternoon.  Unfortunately life had other plans for me.  I put on the boots and started to walk down my stairs.  The boots were very clean and I slipped on the fourth step from the bottom.  My left leg went right down the four steps whereas my right leg didn’t, with my right ankle twisting into a position it’s definitely never been in before.  I yelped in pain and landed in complete shock on my right knee/bum.  David was amazing and came quickly to assertively medically assess me and get the boot off.  We both decided it was probably sprained at which point he had to fetch me a bucket as I really thought I was going to be sick and pass out with the shock.  Anyway I didn’t and I’m OK.  I sat with my foot up doing ice with a packet of peas in a tea towel while David examined the damage I’d done to the paintwork in the hall and then went out for a snowy walk on his own.  He took the snowman pic for me!  

It’s been a really stressful week.  My Dad is clinically doing well but it only took 48 hours of him being home before the usual squabbling with my mother started, with me being dragged in as usual as the go between.  I’m unsure whether they will be able to care for themselves going forward in the immediate future.  They are just about managing it.  I ordered them some meals on wheels for a week to help with my Mum’s exhaustion.  So far I have received a complaint that the meal wasn’t hot enough and they phoned me to check if I thought it was safe to eat…

I’ll be hobbling around the kitchen cooking lamb shanks tonight.  This is the advice from the NHS website about treating sprains..

“To help prevent swelling, try to avoid heat (such as hot baths and heat packs), alcohol and massages for the first couple of days.” 

Photo by cottonbro on

So it’ll be bath with my right leg out and my right ear out tonight… as I also have a minor ongoing earache problem.  Luckily I am quite flexible after all the yoga I’ve done recently.  Massages?! Chance would be a fine thing… Alcohol?  *** it, I’m definitely having a glass of wine tonight.  Keep safe everyone.  Remember to put your boots on downstairs, it’s much safer.  In fact, I’m seriously considering a bungalow…XX

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Snow and ?sprained ankle

  1. Ouch. I can imagine the bump you went with down the remaining steps and here I was before reading, expecting you had slipped outside. I hope it eases up soon.
    We only had a dusting of snow compared to you and other areas this time. But cold all the same.

    Take it easy.

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