Rest? What Rest?!

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Hi. This is just a quick post as I have some things to do for my parents. After announcing I was having a little rest, which I managed for a couple of days, we then had a family medical emergency.

My Dad is very lucky to be alive after having a ruptured aortic aneurysm. He was rushed to hospital for emergency key hole surgery and came home yesterday. This was all a massive shock as you can imagine as my Dad had no idea he had this aneurysm and was absolutely fine the day before. Last Thursday night at 7 pm I received a text from him along the lines of “in severe pain, please call”.. from where I called 111, a lot of to-ing and fro-ing then they sent an ambulance, taken to Kingston Hospital and transferred to St George’s for emergency surgery. At Kingston apparently they were initially preparing to send him home at which point my Dad managed to have the strength to say “I’m too ill to go home” and they gave him a scan which diagnosed the aneurysm. He was lucky on so many counts.

This is not well known and my Dad has never been called, but all men in the UK are supposed to be invited for a screening scan for abdominal aortic aneurysm at age 65. I am urging any of you in the UK who have friends, husbands, colleagues etc who are male over 65, to just check that they know about this and they’ve had a scan. It could save their life. The link is here for you to contact the NHS to book a scan if you’ve been missed. I do not wish any other family to have the last 5 days that I’ve have had.

The Waffle may be a little sporadic for a while depending on the help my parents need. Back soon hopefully xxx

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6 thoughts on “Rest? What Rest?!

  1. Well done Gail, you are a fantastic daughter to your Mum and Dad. As we have already been in touch privately, I won’t add too much, but also when this runs in families, it is advised that male members of the family get checked after the age of 50. This was the case in our family a few years back, but apparently it is more common between siblings rather than offspring. Apologies if the criteria has changed in the last few years, this was the case when my uncle became ill with one and my Dad and other uncle had to be tested. My brothers were asked to do the test after they were 50. Hope this helps others too. xxxx

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