Wot no cash point?!

This is where I went to take some cash out of the bank yesterday, the machine at the local post office. It was a shock to find it had er, gone. I had to go to the machine at Tesco’s instead, which is of course much busier with potential virus infected persons. Why did I need cash anyway I hear you ask? I haven’t used any for months, but our local Nepalese takeaway will only accept cash payments for deliveries. A Google search tells me the post office has closed about 600 cash points. How ****** inconvenient. They could have asked me first. Honestly!

As I hear more of my friends are suffering with the dreaded Covid these days, unable to fathom where they actually picked it up, which is scary, I hope you are all keeping safe and well, wherever you are around the world.

2021 was going quite well for me until I lost my house keys somewhere within the house or garden or out at the bins. 1 hour later in a state of extreme anxiety with David on the verge of calling out an emergency locksmith, I found them in my new apron pocket. Phew phew phew!! It would have been very expensive to replace all these keys, not to mention inconvenient. I have now ordered myself a little gadget from Amazon with some of my Christmas vouchers, which will enable me to find mislaid keys via an app on my phone. In the mean time I am now routinely double and triple checking the keys are still where I left them, like a crazed OCD person.

But for today, peace reigns, I still have my keys, and I woke up in my lovely new pyjamas. We’ve taken down the Xmas tree, cards and decs, had a big hoovering session and everything is looking shipshape again. Here are a few of my favourite cards this year…

This one’s called “Sunlight through the birch trees”. My sister knows me well.

On a wildlife theme, I also liked this wintry fox from Clare and Luke..

and these hares from Debbie and Chris..

The only snow we’re getting in Windsor is the snow on my Christmas cards!

I have to mention the handmade cards, thank you for your handiwork my friends..

This one was a couple’s effort from Suzanne and John, most impressive.

This was from Helen, always an artistic card from Helen..

And this one was from Gwen and Peter, made by Gwen who is a very talented calligrapher and teacher.

And last but not least, I can never tire of hearing what a Wonderful Wife I am!! Thanks David XX.

We received many other lovely cards, texts, e-cards and e-mails. All gratefully received especially after the year that was 2020.

I have an enormous duck to roast now. Ocado brought us one that was double the size I actually wanted. Duck curry anyone? 😊 Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Wot no cash point?!

  1. Beautiful cards.
    My goodness, what a panic with the keys. Glad you found them.
    My word regarding the cash machine going. Definitely permanent that. They don’t realise though, that there are still people who prefer to handle cash, or a situation requiring cash.

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