New Year’s Eve 2020 style

Well what a strange New Year’s Eve to end such a strange and challenging year. This time last year I’d just had my hair done and was getting ready to go out to our local Nepalese restaurant, Gurkha Royale, with friends. This year we decided we couldn’t even be bothered with a takeaway, as it might take ages to come.

The highlight of today for me was a visit to Budgen’s to get some extra bits for dinner. I was actually looking forward to going to Budgen’s for a couple of days, sad but true, as I don’t go into real shops very often at all.

This is a new Budgen’s and so much better than the old ? One Stop or whatever it was called. It’s nice and clean inside, never more than a couple of customers at a time, and they also they have a couple of freezers full of “Cook” ready meals.

Since Christmas it seems I’ve run out of steam/enthusiasm for much cooking, so we’re having a three course ready made dinner tonight. The menu looks like this:

Appetiser: Kir royale champagne cocktails with posh crisps…here are the posh crisps…

Starter: Meatballs from “Cook”. We’re going to share a 1 portion main course as a starter.

Main course: Chicken in red wine from M & S with new potatoes.

Dessert: Pots & Co hot chocolate and salted caramel lava cakes. We haven’t had these before but we really love the Pots & Co chocolate ganache mousses so these sound promising. I just need to microwave them.

Copious amounts of wine and champagne toast at midnight 🎉.

So that’s us sorted. What are you having for dinner? I hope it’s something nice. We can all celebrate still being alive at the end of 2020. You made it. Well done. Sadly one of my friends did not. Let’s hope the vaccine comes soon in 2021 to us all. Cheers everybody! Xx 🥂

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2020 style

  1. It looks nice what you had planned.

    For new years eve, I had tuna pasta with mayo that I took downstairs to have while with my support bubble.
    They tried to persuade me to stay longer but I wanted time in my flat, as I was going to bed at 8pm. I was having New Year’s day with them anyway, as well as the day after. I didn’t want to outstay my welcome. But I know I have to have my own time as well.

    New Years Day was simply done. Sainsburys chicken roast dinner ready meals, as we all enjoy those.
    Sandwiches in the evening and crisps.

    Today was a vegan spag bol that she cooked. First time they both have had and she bought more as her partner said he would like another vegan spag bol dinner.

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      1. I have had other vegan food. But the Linda McCartney vegan balls I had not had before. These were pan fried before being placed in a dish a tomato pasta sauce poured over top, then she placed it in oven to cook. Served with pasta.
        I love it, so would have again. Xx

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