A few more patterns of Windsor

Hi guys. I’ve been out and about around Windsor again. Well, only a little walk, we are in Tier 4 you know.

Today was a bit colder. Without snow, frost or ice, I can’t convey the sense of cold on the streets of Windsor, you’ll have to imagine it. The sky was cold, cloudy, pale grey, nothing exciting going on there. I did find a few more interesting shapes and bits of architecture to look at though. I’m sure people in the street must look at me and think “what on earth is that woman photographing over there?” when I’m crouched down next to a drain or something, but I don’t care really. What is interesting to me I hope is interesting for you too.

I can’t even remember what this was part of now, but I like it! The patterns and the shininess. I bet it felt cold (but I didn’t touch it).

This is a car park. I like the shapes. It’s a little bit Art Deco. I’m getting quite into the beauty of metalwork these days.

This is someone’s flower tub, on the wall of their house. Very heraldic.

Some sort of drain cover. I like the rustiness.

Oooo, a drain! I wonder how far down it goes and who lives down there? Big fat rats of Windsor most likely…

Nice windows.

Cute little family group. I hope none of them gets the virus.

Chequerboard steps. Reminds me of The Queen’s Gambit.

I was dying to give this one a clean… you can just imagine how nicely it would come up 😂.

Pseudo Windsor Castle.

Through the round window. This is part of the old fire station, now The Old Court arts centre.

A nice little pillar.

Back to some ironwork. I’m getting a thing about this now.

Knobs? Top knots?! You get the picture.

Little architectural motifs… is that what you call them? Don’t ask me what the flowers and the leaves mean.

One of my favourite trees of Windsor. It’s a cedar. Look at that magnificent canopy! You can get lost in dreams looking up there.

Close up of a gnarly bit..grumpy face?

I took this through someone’s gate… very festive!

Monty’s café had nice decs too. Shame it’s shut. I think they still do takeaways sometimes.

And back at my house, the Lindt reindeer and teddy have been trying to disguise themselves amongst the three wise men, trying not to get eaten.

Keep safe. Look after yourselves. I’m off for yoga practice then fishcakes 😀🐠. Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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