Happy Twixmas!

Hi, we’re working our way through the Christmas pudding, cold or hot, it’s delicious. The cake is not so good this year, it seems a bit undercooked in the middle. I’ve never done that before. I think I’m going to blame it on the pandemic.

This Twixmas period is usually one of my favourite times of the year, the chance to relax and potter about at home with no plans after the busyness of Christmas. This year is not quite the same, as I’ve already spent more than enough time pottering at home with no plans recently. We were quite excited to do a couple of Zoom get togethers yesterday, to see a few faces and hear a few voices different from our own.

We are lucky in Windsor that Storm Bella has been kind to us. The heavy rain beat down all night last night but by the morning things were easing and we’ve had a lovely, bright, sunny but cold kind of day. It’s going to get a bit colder over the next few days. That’s fine by me. It’s nice to have a bit of winter in the winter, if you know what I mean.

We’ve had a lazy day today but we’ve tidied away our Christmas pressies (well I have anyway), and we did go for a little walk this afternoon. Do you like my new pyjamas? They are Cath Kidston with a London print on them. They make me feel homesick for trips to London. One day.

Here are a few pics from this afternoon and the blue blue skies of Windsor (yes I’m back to trees and sky again folks!)..

Ps do you like my new socks?! The owls have landed. I also have some new ones with bicycles on.

Enough of this silliness! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and if you didn’t, it’s nearly over now anyway. Keep safe.. vaccine coming soon… (apparently) Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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