Annabel the fairy

Hello. Meet Annabel the fairy, perched on top of our Christmas tree. On closer inspection her name is probably Cinderella as she is holding a slipper in her hand, I’d actually never noticed this before. I’m hoping now Annabel is dusted off, out of the box from the loft, that she will be able to provide us with some magic sparkle for Christmas and moving forward in this totally depressing virus Tier 4 situation. Sorry Annabel, not asking much of you am I?

David and I didn’t have any plans for Christmas meet ups with friends and family, so had nothing to cancel. We were going to have dinner just the two of us at The Windsor Grill on Christmas Eve, so that’s off. And I guess my haircut on 7 January won’t be happening either. I still have 3.5 days of work in the office until I break up for Christmas. I feel tired, constantly trying to be positive.

The good news is we managed to find a truly lovely real Christmas tree at John Train nursery in Oakley Green. It’s a bit bigger than we usually have. I did a bit of therapeutic tree hugging of it yesterday and begged David not to trim any branches off it as he thought it might be a bit too bushy and I felt it was perfect. It was love at first sight. Once I’d spotted this one standing so straight and symmetrical, I didn’t even want to look at any others. It cost £29. which I thought was really good value for money. As the tree is so lovely in itself, we’ve not smothered it with tinsel like we usually do. We put on our best baubles and some lights only. I wanted to still be able to see the lovely tree.

Since this pic was taken there are now piles of pressies underneath, thanks to the Christmas elves who visited out doorstep this morning and this afternoon 😊.

Yesterday Ocado brought an extremely disappointing shop to our door. They only managed to remember to pack 4 out of 17 items I’d ordered. “Is that it….?” I asked, incredulous at the one solitary half full bag. I’m sure they are having a very challenging time like the rest of us. We are also relying on them for our big Christmas food shop on Wednesday. I do hope they at least bring the turkey…I’m trying to get David to agree not to be too cross if we don’t get everything we ordered. As long as we have our home, our health and some food and drink, that’s all that matters really. We must appreciate what we’ve got, which is what the whole of 2020 has been about.

Here are a few more of our Xmas decs…

This one was a gift from my friend Janice when we visited Scotland together many years ago, thanks Janice!

We had a very intense discussion as to whether these are snowmen or 3 wise men. Personally I think they are a hybrid of the two, but David is leaning towards the 3 wise men. And why are they carrying umbrellas….? Cute though.

As the tinsel didn’t go on the tree this year, I’ve been draping it over pictures, clocks and mirrors..

Out on our little walk today, there were some fantastic berries..

I’m off to the kitchen now for some more festive food preparation. Ho Ho Ho! Keep safe. Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Annabel the fairy

  1. Lovely blog and love the decorations. This year is hard and it will help for you to finish work. I saw a photo of 1914 in the trenches and realised how lucky we actually are. I know that sounds cheesy but it really hit me that we are. Lovely blog as usual blog buddie xx

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  2. Thanks for your lovely blog Gail. Love your tree, love all your sentiments. Gosh that ornament from Scotland must be quite old now then!! Loved our break in Scotland. xx

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