Patterns of life

Hi everyone. I took some interesting photos of patterns and shapes today, as a change from the trees and clouds of Windsor. You would have also had snaps of the hungry sparrows on my bird feeder except they were too fast for me and all I got was a blur.

I hope you are all keeping well as the world battles with Coronavirus, our common enemy. The situation in Wales is particularly serious and worrying. Windsor now enters Tier 3 so no visits to restaurants or pubs any more, but you can still get a hair cut, go to the gym and do non essential shopping. My hairdresser is fully booked until 7 January anyway, so the pony tail continues. I even managed a small plait the other day. I have no desire to go shopping in the shops, when I can shop risk and mask free from my iPad at home. I was not a gym goer anyway pre Covid as I find them quite boring.

I think I’m getting used to not going out so much now. It means more time for chilling out and cooking, both of which are good for me. So this is what I’ve been up to today….

Whilst listening to the marvellous virtual carol concert from my niece and nephew’s school, I made some white chocolate liqueur this morning. It’s a bit like a white chocolate baileys type drink. Sweet, a bit sickly, alcoholic, very bad for one’s cholesterol levels!

Here are all the ingredients..

And here is the finished looks a bit like milk here (!) but it’s much thicker than that.. It’s going to be a choice between a little glass of this or the home made Grand Marnier after Christmas dinner, for which we will be having turkey, as usual.

I also today found time to bake these sultana and lemon cookies. Some of them have mixed spice in. I forgot to put the spice in the first batch 😂. David and I just tasted one. They are nice, quite crumbly, quite a cakey biscuit, if you know what I mean. They’d go really well with a mug of hot chocolate 😋.

If you want to make the cookies yourself the recipe is here.

On tonight’s menu is mushroom and garlic puff pastry tarts with dauphinoise potatoes. I’m making the mushroom tarts but not the dauphinoise today, that’s from M & S. I’ll leave you with the pics of the day. I hope you enjoy these for a change.. patterns of my Windsor Walk.

This is a tiny little door in the wall.. I never noticed this before. Maybe my white chocolate liqueur will have special shrinking properties and I will fit through it like Alice in Wonderland to the alternate Covid free universe??

This reminds me of living in Holland for a couple of months when I was 8 years old. My father taught me all the car symbols as we walked around.. it was a fun game for me at the time.

Is it art ? Or is it road markings? You choose….

Another portal to the Covid free universe perhaps…? I like the squirliness (? another Waffle made up word) of the lattice work.

I hope I’m keeping your spirits up. Have a nice evening, morning, whatever.. chat to me in the Comments below if you get lonely. Bye 4 now Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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