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Hi. You can’t judge a wine by its label, but I often do. This Hokusai great wave picture looks great on the bottle don’t you think? And the wine was tasty too.

I’m in a hurry tonight. I have book club Christmas Zoom at 6.30 pm. We haven’t got any particular book to discuss as we haven’t met up for a while, so it will be just a little chinwag to check in on everybody in the run up to Christmas. One of our members was in hospital with Covid recently. I’m hoping she will have energy enough to join us tonight. I think it is a long haul to recover from this dreaded virus. Tomorrow is the funeral of my friend who died from Covid recently, which I will be joining online. 29 people are apparently going to the funeral in person, and the maximum would be 30. I did not feel comfortable mixing inside with all these people, albeit with masks and socially distanced. I do not want to go to any more Covid funerals ever. I really hope it won’t come to that, but I do look around and think “who’s next?”. It would be ignorant to assume we are all going to be OK, the way things are going at the moment.

Well before I depress you any more than necessary my friends, I’ll tootle off to brush my hair and pour a G & T as it is supposed to be a Christmas party after all. Cheers! Keep safe. I’ll be back on Thursday Xx.

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