Strange but true

And now for something completely different. Let’s mix it up a bit on The Waffle. We can’t go getting stuck in a rut. So here are some statements about me that even my close friends may not be aware of.. all are strange but true. The Waffle does not lie.

1 I was once offered a job by someone on a bus. I took the job.

Photo by Oleg Magni on

2 I find making pastry and soufflés quite easy but jam quite difficult.

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3 I quite enjoy ironing if I have plenty of time, a cup of coffee and the radio.

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4 I find signs advertising events that have already passed extremely annoying.

Photo by Any Lane on

5 I have a phobia of dogs and driving.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

6 When I did my Pitmans typing exam to my horror I typed “Fail” instead of “Gail” at the top of the page. I had to go back and correct it with the old fashioned corrector key.

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7 I am remarkably good at balancing on one leg. I think it may be because I have quite big feet.

Photo by Cedric Lim Ah Tock on

8 I used to think hats didn’t suit me, now I have several of them and I love their quirkiness.

9 As a young child I used to specialise in putting honey in my hair. I believe I was also quite adept at tipping full bowls of cereal and milk over my head. Such fun!

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10 I have been described as “quietly assertive”, “quaint”, “pernickety”, “a peculiar creature”, “thorough”, “too nice”, “efficient”, “a nice lady” and (my favourite) “delightful!”.

Well I hope you enjoyed the above. We must all remember to have a little laugh at ourselves every now and again. As I go to heat up an M & S chicken in red wine with rosti potatoes and petits pois, I leave you with the sunny pics from Windsor today. You’ve been delightful! Xx

I love this gate all the more because it doesn’t actually go anywhere… (I guess it used to???). I’ve never tried going through it.. maybe it is a window to another world? (Anyone else watching His Dark Materials?).

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