A grey weekend in Windsor

There have been no pretty skies or clouds this weekend. I don’t think we have even glimpsed the sun. As David and I sat across the table from each other at lunchtime I remarked that I could hardly see him across the table through the gloomy light. An exaggeration, of course, but the light has been particularly grey and dull.

So photographs for the blog were a little more challenging than usual, but I did my best. Yesterday I went out on my bike into Windsor and took some snaps. I got into taking pictures of signs, as they are quite interesting I think whatever the weather. Here’s a little selection.

One of the best pubs in Windsor, saved from closure and run by the community. The kitchen isn’t finished yet but they plan to open up after lockdown later this week, with a van providing food I believe.

Windsor Racecourse. Usually next race would be in April, but who knows…..?

Lots of dog walkers here.

Second World War aviation history.

Today was back to the trees, and a bit of tree hugging of course. Is there a word for worshipping trees? Arboro-idolisation??? No, that’s not it! That’s a Waffle made up term. The correct term, my friends, is dendrolatry or arborolatry. So that makes me a dendrolatrist I guess. I am in good company as apparently Santa Claus has been depicted throughout history as a tree hugger.

So Santa, these are for you.

Well maybe not this one, these looked like three witches to me…

This one looks more elegant and innocent, they all have their own character.

These are the trees in the distance where we think the red kites live. The kites stayed at home today. I don’t think they like the grey skies either.

I think Santa would like this one.

Amazing. Don’t you think your arm would ache if you held it out so far like this all the time? Trees are phenomenal.

Underneath the weeping willow, like standing in a magical tent. I didn’t see any fairies.

Looking into the eye.

Well I hope you enjoyed the trees. Ocado have just delivered the shopping and I have to put it away. It always amazes me how many bagfuls of food we get through each week. I see the delivery and think “we’ll never eat (and drink) all that, just the two of us”, but we usually do. The bags will contain many ingredients for the meals ahead. One of the highlights of the Waffle kitchen last week was the home made chicken and mushroom pie. So good we both had seconds. I hope your week will be as good as this pie Xxx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

One thought on “A grey weekend in Windsor

  1. I agree about the greyness! Yesterday was simply the dullest ever . . we walked in the woods / hills in a neighboring village for a change of scene and the was just GLOOMY! Mind you, Bethan is shrouded in fog in Cornwall this morning . . . .xx

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