Trees without leaves

Hello. It occurs to me today that, in my humble opinion, trees without leaves are every bit as beautiful as those with autumn colour. What do you think? (And did you spot the bird at the top of this one? Lots of birds sitting in trees today).

These were all taken this afternoon on my solo walk. David can only do very short walks and physio for the foreseeable future. I walked for just over an hour, with photo pauses. To me that is just the right sort of length for a walk.

More birdies, having a chinwag.

I wonder who lives here in the spring?

So beautiful. There were times today when the sky looked like snow.. as here..

Such great shapes these trees, each one unique.

I love this one. The way it drapes down.

The sun joined in the party.

So lovely. Just out and about focusing on the trees.

I am making chicken and mushroom pie tonight. David’s face lit up when he realised I am making the pie rather than M & S having made it. It is a new recipe from a Waitrose recipe card. I was going to buy the shortcrust pastry but Ocado had run out, so I’ll make my own, which will probably be nicer, it just takes a bit longer.

Last night we had salmon kedgeree. This was also a new recipe for me. It was delicious. Really moist and creamy. We both agreed it gets a * in the book. That means it was amazing and we’d really like to have this again. The hard boiled eggs are always really nice in a kedgeree.

The recipe came from this book.

Highclere Castle is in Berkshire near Newbury. It is where Downton Abbey was filmed. You can read more about Highclere Castle and see some stunning photos on their website here. It seems that Lady Carnarvon also has her own blog! I have also *ed in the book the Highclere Chicken Curry, Highclere Lamb Stew, Wyoming Meat Loaf and the Chilli Seafood Pasta. These recipes work. Thank you to The Countess of Carnarvon for compiling and sharing these. Bon appetit folks. Stay safe my friends Xxx.

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