Clewer Park, unidentified lunch and a little Covid update

Hello everyone. I do hope you’re well. Let’s start with the Covid update. The day after I heard that one of my friends had died from Coronavirus, I learned that another friend is currently in hospital on oxygen with it. I have decided that I really hate this virus, this is getting personal now. “**** off Covid 19” has become my new mantra. Let’s all say and think that together, it’s worth a try. While Boris is now saying “back to near normal by Easter” and other such rubbish, I am not making plans to see all my friends and family over the festive period. If you can be asymptomatic with it, which apparently you can, anyone you socialise with you risk potentially killing them. So I will not be doing any of that. I will phone my family and friends, do a Zoom quiz, get Amazon to gift wrap and deliver most of the presents. I may doorstep drop gifts to my parents, for a 5 minute remote chat up to their window. That’s it. Anything else is just not worth the risk.

David is still hobbling around on his knee so can only manage a short walk at the moment. We drove down to Clewer Park this afternoon and did a nice stroll around there. This is located between Windsor racecourse and the town centre, and we hadn’t been there for years.

It was a beautiful afternoon today.

There are some great trees there.

Fabulous bark.

Even more fabulous reflections in the stream. We saw a kingfisher here once. Windsor racecourse is in the background here.

Wow! Amazing nature. I love this shot..the lovely blue sky of planet earth reflected.

A great tree. Stretching up to the heavens.

Leaves looking like they were dipped in paint.

Still a little autumn colour around.

Carpet of leaves.

The magnificent sun. Turner saw the sun as God. (I have been watching some more art walks on TV).

One more of the glorious trees..

So, that’s me de-stressed from all the Covid stuff.

On the food front, I got this out of the freezer for lunch today.. it was not labelled, can you guess what it is?

First I thought it might be left over beef bourguignon, as I could see there were mushrooms and it looked a sort of beef brown colour.. but that didn’t explain the tomatoes.

Well I heated it up, and it turned out to be mushroom stew, slightly spicy, it was really nice. I served it with some M & S rosti potatoes.

I really should label the leftovers when I put them in the freezer 😂 but then again, I quite enjoy the surprise of the pot luck meal.

I wish you all enjoyable surprises and good news for this week. Get well soon to my poorly friend and others suffering right now, and **** Off Covid 19!!

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

One thought on “Clewer Park, unidentified lunch and a little Covid update

  1. Loved the pics!!! They really cheered me up too. So sorry to hear about your other friend too. I agree that I am so over this now. Have to say I’m laughing at David hobbling around on his his knee. I took that way too literally! Xx

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